Former star opens up on the rivalry between WWE and AEW

Former star opens up on the rivalry between WWE and AEW

The heads-up battle between AEW and WWE NXT essentially ended after the transfer of the black and gold mark on Tuesday evening. In recent months, there has been a lot of talk about the rivalry between the two companies. But what do superstars think on this topic? Killian Dain, aka Big Damo, gave a long interview to Sportskeeda's microphones, in which he was keen to deny a series of urban legends.

In fact, Damo pointed out that WWE wrestlers and AEW wrestlers are often friends in real life, as most of them have worked together in the past. Dain also revealed that the NXT locker room is used to watching AEW shows to scrutinize the most prominent matches.

On the other hand, the former Sanity member said he grew up at the time of the Monday Night Wars, adding that the legendary clash between WWE and WCW has helped to increase the popularity of the entire business.

A former WWE star opens up on the rivalry between WWE and AEW

"I understand that many people would like it if I said that there is a gigantic hatred among the members of the respective companies, but the truth is that the situation is very different from how it is painted on the outside.

Many of them are our friends, we hang out with them outside of work, so we have no problem watching AEW shows" - explained the former NXT star. "There is a healthy rivalry as regards the qualitative aspect, but it does not go further.

I don't want to exaggerate, but I think I've shared the locker room with almost 75% of the guys who play in All Elite Wrestling. There are numerous athletes that I have also trained with or who have been trained by me.

Nobody wants to lose, but at the same time, it's a great time for our industry. On a smaller scale, it is as if we are reliving the days of WWE and WCW. All this, however, does not prevent us from watching one of their matches if it is worth it”- he added.

AEW pulled off another highly-anticipated debut by getting a former WWE star on board with a new name. Elsewhere, a fan tried to enter the ring during Chris Jericho and MJF's segment, and footage of the scary incident has now been released on social media.

A highly-rated star also revealed that she has yet to receive an offer from AEW or WWE amid intense speculation about her future.

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