Alexa Bliss Feels Bad For Eva Marie After WWE RAW

Alexa Bliss’ new persona has seemingly collided with the Eva-Lution. The two had another little interaction this week on RAW and plenty of fans are waiting to see where that angel will lead next.

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During RAW Talk, Alexa Bliss was asked about her little segment with Eva Maria and Doudrop. They brought up how Eva Marie fell this week on RAW, and Bliss was asked if she did that. According to Bliss, that was all on Eva Marie’s clumsiness.

“Nah, she’s just clumsy. I didn’t do anything to make her fall,” Bliss responded. “She just tripped over, maybe from the high horse she’s been on. She’s a little delusional that one.”

Bliss was then asked about Eva Marie throwing so much shade at her doll, Lilly. In the end, Alexa Bliss didn’t seem angry. She said she feels bad for Eva Marie, but this was also seemingly wrapped in a threat.

“People say silly things all the time. I actually feel bad for Eva. She obviously doesn’t know what happens when you say mean things about Lilly. But she’ll find out. Soon enough.”

We will have to see what “soon enough” means in this situation. Anything can happen in WWE, and Alexa Bliss is just getting started at this point. Eva Marie and Doudrop are also settling into their spots on the RAW roster and it seems that they have irritated the former Women’s Champion a bit along the way.

For the record, Eva Marie fired off her on tweets directed at Lilly. She said, “Someone needs to run that FILTHY Lily Doll through the wash [brain emoji] …cycle set to DISINFECT…extra bleach! Yucky ducky [duck emoji].”

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