AEW News Roundup - Star barred from using move due to Britt Baker, reaction to Roman Reigns ...

Welcome back to another stacked edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's AEW News Roundup. AEW offered a successful Night One of Fyter Fest this past week, and the promotion looks set to kick on heading into Elevation and Dark.

We begin today's lineup with a veteran wrestler talking about his experiences working on Dark and how he was told not to use a move due to Britt Baker.

Elsewhere, Chris Jericho was at his insightful best during a recent interview where he made a major Roman Reigns claim and compared a top NJPW legend to the Undertaker.

Malakai Black became the latest former WWE star to join AEW's ranks, and he has already attracted a lot of attention from the roster. A former champion revealed his desire to have a match against Tommy End.

The roundup also features a well-known wrestling personality criticizing AEW for rushing its storylines.

#5. Marty The Moth on being barred from using a move in AEW due to Britt Baker

Lucha Underground fans will fondly remember Marty The Moth, aka Martin Casaus. The former Lucha Underground Champion has wrestled a few matches on AEW Dark this year, and he has also trained at the Nightmare Factory.

Marty The Moth was a guest on The Wrestling Inc Daily, and he opened up about working at AEW and the inputs he received from Tony Khan.

Marty likened Khan to Vince McMahon in the sense that both bosses are very hands-on with their talent. Casaus recalled Khan praising him after matches and also giving him some feedback.

Marty revealed that he was specifically told not to grab people by the mouth and drag them across the ring. Casaus regularly executed the move as part of his serial killer gimmick in Lucha Underground, but Britt Baker's Lockjaw finisher prevented him from doing so in AEW.

Here's what Marty Casaus had to say:

"Tony Khan was always constantly moving like Vince McMahon was when I was doing WWE stuff. He was very hands-on. He came up and said 'great match' to me every single time. He gave me a little bit of feedback on certain things.
"I do a thing in Lucha Underground, where I pretty much am a serial killer. I grab people by their mouth and drag them like dead bodies like a serial killer would, and it was super fun for me and individualistic, but they said, 'Hey, anything with the mouth is kind of Britt Baker's thing right now, so kind of adjust around that.' I kind of adjusted a few things. I went to a choke thing instead of dragging people by their mouths."

Casaus has been wrestling since 2003, and the veteran even had two brief WWE stints in the past. He has had three matches in AEW, with the last one happening in March against Matt Sydal.

Edited by Arvind Sriram

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