Where Are They Now?: Ted DiBiase Jr.

The DiBiase name has been thrust back into the spotlight recently thanks to the return of The Million Dollar Man. Ted DiBiase has been appearing on a weekly basis in NXT, reintroducing the Million Dollar Championship to WWE. LA Knight became just the fifth man in WWE history to hold that title by beating Cameron Grimes at NXT TakeOver: In Your House. Judging by what Knight did to DiBiase on NXT this week, he will be keeping the title and the Million Dollar Man will be heading back off into the sunset.

DiBiase being beaten down by Knight would have been the perfect opportunity for the Hall of Famer's son to return after eight years away. Instead it was up to Grimes to defend DiBiase's honor. The continued absence of DiBiase Jr. further suggests he will never return to wrestling, or at least not WWE, and is happy with his current lot in life.

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Legacy, Championships, And A WWE Departure

DiBiase Jr. officially parted ways with WWE on September 1, 2013. Unlike many other wrestlers, the Million Dollar Man's son managed to leave on his own terms. Rather than be released, DiBiase Jr. informed WWE he would not be renewing his contract when it ran out. Unsurprising since he had only wrestled one televised match in 2013, a win over the man who would eventually become Curtis Axel on Superstars.

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Prior to what, DiBiase Jr's WWE future seemed to bright. Randy Orton took him and Cody Rhodes under his wing in an attempt to do for them what Triple H and Ric Flair had done for him and Batista. As should be evident at this point whether you're familiar with their run or not, Legacy's time in WWE wasn't nearly as fruitful as Evolution's.

It didn't fall completely flat though and did appear to have promise to begin with. DiBiase Jr. and Rhodes won tag team gold together twice. DiBiase was also bequeathed his father's Million Dollar Championship for a short time. However, after it was stolen by Goldust and eventually returned to its original owner, the third generation star told his dad he didn't want it anymore.

Where Is He Now?

Unlike most Superstars who leave WWE, especially in the present day, DiBiase Jr. wasn't looking for pastures new. Well, at least not wrestling pastures. DiBiase Jr. had married in 2008, and he and his wife had their first child in 2012. It seems that the combination of wanting to spend more time at home with his new family and his WWE career stalling led to the decision to stop wrestling and pursue a career elsewhere.

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DiBiase Jr. had already used his wrestling connections to set up the Ted DiBiase Foundation. The non-profit organization furthered community causes and invested in youth leadership. As for earning a living away from the ring, DiBiase Jr. got involved in the very different world of selling college textbooks. That has evolved into a career in insurance. He is currently the vice president of a company called One Life.

DiBiase Jr. does still use some of the abilities he honed while under the WWE umbrella. The former wrestler continues to tour colleges acting as a motivational speaker, putting those promo skills to good use. He has also wrestled on a handful of occasions since leaving WWE, but never on a regular basis. His last known match took place in 2017.

Despite seeming to show no interest in returning to the business, wrestling fans know words like never and retirement mean very little in this industry. DiBiase's return via NXT may well have opened the door for his son to have another run. He started in the business at such a young age that even after all this time away, he is still only 38.

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