Sasha Banks' Mother Hated Her WWE Name At First

Sasha Banks’ name is known throughout the pro wrestling world and regarded as The Boss. Her mother did not love that name the first time she heard it, but she had to accept the situation.

Just Women’s Sports podcast recently spoke to Sasha Banks. She revealed that WWE gave her a long list of possible names and she put Sasha with another last name on the list. After she figured out what her name is, her mother told her to change it.

“The name came really just randomly. They asked me to put a long list of names, and I always remember putting Sasha with a different last name and Banks with a different first name. And I remember just debuting at a house show for WWE and I needed a name. I was kind of just Mercedes KV. Finally Sara Del Rey came into the room and said ‘we got you a name.’ I go ‘oh what is it?’ She goes ‘it’s Sasha Banks.’ I’m like ‘oh! I love it. That sounds really really good!’

“I texted my mom. I said ‘hey mom, I got a WWE name. It’s Sasha Banks.’ She ended up calling me and goes ‘that’s a porn star name! Tell them to change it!’ I go ‘mom I can’t tell WWE to change the name.’ That’s how my mom is. She’s come around to the name. She’s like Mama Banks now.”

Obviously, Sasha Banks’ mother didn’t want to be known as Mama Banks. She probably got over it in time. After all, her daughter was able to make a lot of history while using that name. She likely isn’t done making history either.

What’s your take on Sasha Banks’ name? Would you change it at all? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks to Wrestling Inc for the quote

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