REPORT: Major names expected to be released by WWE

There is talk of more cost cutting in WWE on Wednesday and some big names may be on their way out in a few hours.

Fightful reports that there are plans for more cost-cutting, possibly this week and the talk is that some major names are on the list.

None of the names have gotten out and there is still time for people at the top to change their minds but we could find out in just a few hours since WWE typically waits until later in the week to announce releases.

On Wednesday, April 15, WWE announced a wave of main roster cuts that included Samoa Joe and Mickie James. WWE released a bunch of names from NXT on Thursday, May 20 and there was a big list of names released on Wednesday and Thursday of last week.

There have also been rumors of NXT UK cuts coming soon as the company continues to look at more ways to save money as they continue to rake in record profits.

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