MLW Open Draft Round Six – EJ Nduka Is Coming To MLW - STEELCHAIR Wrestling Magazine ...

Round Six of the MLW 2021 Open Draft featured a huge arrival and a massive comeback, revealed exclusively by Alicia Atout. After announcing that Contra Unit (Josef Samael, Jacob Fatu, Ikuro Kwon, Daivari, and Mads Krügger) and Bu Ku Dao were back on July 10 as part of the roster, she revealed EJ Nduka was MLW’s newest signee.

The professional wrestler, professional IFBB bodybuilder, former professional gridiron football and arena football defensive end outside linebacker EJ Nduka. He was signed by WWE in 2019,  began to work under the ring name of Ezra Judge before being released last May.

Nduka confirmed he received offers from other companies but he decided to come to MLW because “I love the prestige, I love the history, I love the pedigree. I felt like it was the best place for the Judge.” At 6’8 and 285 pounds, The Judge describes himself as the regulator, the equalizer. He plans “to show up and show out. My moniker is I can, I must and I will.”

Nduka has received high praise for his athleticism, agility and pure power. He adds explosion to that list. As far as goals as concerned, “the Judge plans to arrive 10 toes down, not give 80, not give 90% but a hundred and fifty per cent.” He will debut at Battle Riot on July 10.

All pics and videos courtesy of MLW

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