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About the latest episode of My World Podcast, Jeff Jarrett talked about the creation of TNA Wrestling in the early 2000s.

Jarrett said he and his father, Jerry Jarrett, decided to start a wrestling company because they realized the market gap left by WCW. Jarrett talked about AEW and its current success, compared AEW and TNA, and said they both took advantage of the void left in the market.

“I think in many ways it was used by AEW,” said Jarrett. “They embarked on TNT. The market gap is real and people hate change, but they’re always anxious for something new. Voids in the market say WCW is gone. It was exactly what InDemand knew from revenue, wanted to replace that revenue, and wanted to do whatever it could. Why don’t they do that too? There was no risk. “

In a previous podcast, Jarrett shared what both he and his father were sending. Feeler for stars like Mick Foley and X-PaC To come to TNA. The founder of TNA also shared him Conversation with Ultimate Warrior about coming to TNA, His father said he had handled all business talks with him.

At the beginning of TNA Wrestling, one of the most successful, especially new and innovative concepts the company tried to establish was the X-Division. The founders of TNA talked about TNA’s X-Division and why they thought it was a good idea to debut it.

“There is a WWF style, that is, it’s a transition between movements, and the rest is true,” Jarrett said. “In X-Division, when you look at these people, [Samoa] Joe was probably the best, Joe, AJ [Styles] And [Christopher] Daniels and others are there. There’s a style, a way to put the transitions together, you don’t see guys like Joe, 260 tauping between the top or second ropes. It brings together wrestling styles and transitions and new and innovative movements. AJ flew his elbow off his own top rope. Their movements were innovative and their skill sets were innovative. You see a lot of walking and talking in their games, their styles were totally different. “

The WWE Hall of Fame also talked about how he feels that Impact Wrestling still exists today, knowing that he is the founder of the company. Jarrett said the company really changed when Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff were hired and TNA turned into Impact Wrestling.

“From 2002 until the day Hulk Hogan was hired, I’m really watching TNA,” said Jarrett. “It has changed radically in so many ways. You could literally go that day and flew to Tampa with Dixie and had a conversation, the ink wasn’t dry, but that’s it. It looked like it was heading in the direction, Eric [Bischoff] Yes, it was part of the deal, but only from the Hogan side. The day the Hulk signed, the world changed and I knew it. Did I know that the order would change? Heck no. At that time, I had some delusional optimism, which continued. It has changed radically.

“Did I really have a joke about people overtaking me in the hall before leaving about’my baby’ or’my kid’, or whatever it was, what happened to me? What happened? Weird, weird, weird, weird, and weird. I wasn’t part of the components of Billy Corgan’s and Airax’s era, 2017. It’s today. It’s pretty cool for it to continue, it really is. “

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