"I've been preparing to get fired since the day I got hired" - Tyler Breeze breaks silence on his WWE ...

Tyler Breeze was among the latest group of WWE releases last Friday. His departure shocked many people due to his tenure in the company and his work on Xavier Woods' popular WWE video game Youtube channel, UpUpDownDown.

The WWE Universe has been waiting to hear from Prince Pretty for days now. He finally broke his silence on the subject on his Twitch channel "The Sweetz" earlier this evening when a fan asked Breeze if he was surprised by his release or knew it was coming.

"I was with the company for 11 years; I've been wrestling for like 14," Tyler Breeze began. "So, on an 11-year run in the biggest wrestling company in the world is like unheard of, you know what I mean? It's a huge thing. Most people are only in WWE for like three to five years. So the fact that I was there for 11, fantastic! More than I could ever ask for. So, I mean I don't know if you're ever like expecting, but I mean from definitely like the rumblings and stuff that have been happening, I was like, 'Yeah, I mean it could happen,' you know what I mean, but at the same time, like if it happened. Sure. But if it didn't happen, then cool, you know, I mean like, just kinda how it goes. The thing too, especially for me, is like I've been preparing to get fired since the day I got hired."

Tyler Breeze has a lot of options going forward

Tyler Breeze went on to say that he's been preparing for something like this for a long time, stating that you need to set yourself up to prepare yourself for life. Despite his WWE release, Tyler Breeze insists he has options, and there's a lot of stuff going on.

"That's just how you have to think about it when you're getting into wrestling because, like I said, careers can be three years or five years," Tyler Breeze continued. "I mean, even that is like a long time, so you have to set yourself up and prepare yourself in life. For essentially the worst-case scenario, if they fire you. Are you going to be, you know, sitting here going, 'Oh no I spent all my money, and I have nothing to show for it, and I don't know what to do now,' or you're going to go, 'Okay cool, like, I need to figure out what I can do from here?' But in the meantime, you know there's options, and there's a ton of stuff, so yeah, I don't know. I don't know a lot of stuff going on."

Unfortunately for those wondering, Tyler Breeze made no mention on if he would be allowed to appear on UpUpDownDown going forward, but this is most likely something that's still being worked out behind the scenes.

What are your thoughts on Tyler Breeze's release from WWE? Where would you like to see him end up next? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section.

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