Gervonta Davis vs. Mario Barrios live updates, results and highlights from the main card



Tank stops Barrios with 11th-round TKO to become new WBA (Regular) junior welterweight champion

Barrios working Davis' body with lightning-quick shots, but Tank keeps moving forward. Ref momentarily stops the bout to tape Barrios' gloves. Barrios clips Davis on the jaw with a left hook. Right hook lands for Davis. Left uppercut lands for Davis and Barrios is down on his knees, face down. Davis unloads a left to the chest and Barrios is doubled over, about to go back down. The ref takes a quick look and ends the bout. What a fight. What firepower from Tank. 

Davis-Barrios; Round 10

"On the unofficial, you're down," Floyd Mayweather Jr. tells Davis after the ninth. Davis seemed irked, but then accepted the feedback. Double left hook from Barrios. Give and take between both fighters now. Davis with a big right hook, but Barrios remains on his feet. What a shot. Jab pops Davis' head back. Right hand to the body lands for Barrios. Left to the liver from Davis now. Barrios goes back to the body with a combo. Davis bashes Barrios and Barrios is hurt on unsteady legs. Left hook lands for Davis now as well. Hell of a round! (10-9 Davis, 96-92 Davis)

Davis-Barrios; Round 9

Barrios brushes Davis back with a combination, as Tank bounces off the ropes slowly. Did Davis punch himself out during the eighth round? Barrios has Davis trapped in the corner, as he unloads power shots. Some land, some miss. But Barrios bounced back this round. (10-9 Barrios, 86-83 Davis)

Davis-Barrios; Round 8

BOOM! Davis lands a monstrous right hand and drops Barrios, who is sent back tumbling. The champ is up, but Tank puts him back down with a right. Barrios is in major trouble, trying to bravely fight off the rolling thunder that is Tank. He survives ... but just barely. So, there's the answer to whether Tank's power would translate to 140 pounds. (10-7 Davis, 77-73 Davis)

Davis-Barrios; Round 7

Davis' corner tells him that Barrios can't fight moving back. Davis doing a great job closing the space between the two. Davis works his way inside and lands a few shots to Barrios' chest. That's the height difference on display. Lead lefts now landing for Davis. He has a weapon there seemingly with that punch. Davis is getting increasingly aggressive by the round.

Double jab followed by a lunging left hand from Davis and that gets the crowd excited. (10-9 Davis, 67-66 Davis)

Davis-Barrios; Round 6

Davis again trying to take the jab away from the bigger Barrios and he's finding success doing so. Left hand lands for Davis flush on Barrios' chin. Barrios sticks a right through Davis' guard. Davis returns the favor with a left. He follows with a left hook as well. Another left from Davis, who's turning this into a phone booth fight. Tank rolling forward. Right hand grazes Barrios in the waning seconds. (10-9 Davis, 57-57)

Davis-Barrios; Round 5

Davis trying to take the jab away from Barrios, while walking him down.

He finds a slice of success, getting inside and peppering Barrios with some quick shots. Left hook to the body, right upstairs from Barrios. Lead left from Tank lands. Right hook to the body, left hook upstairs from Tank. Barrios swinging and missing. Tank swinging and missing. The crowd is losing it. Davis applying pressure, walking the champ down. Lunging left hook lands with a thud to Barrios' midsection. Exciting fifth round. (10-9 Davis, 48-47 Barrios)

Davis-Barrios; Round 4

Davis has his right glove up, trying to take away Barrios' left jab. Davis just misses on a rapid uppercut. Davis now pawing at the champ. Davis goes to the body and then connects on a jab flush to Barrios' face. Davis seemingly trying to bait Barrios into something to unload on a power shot. Right hand splits Davis' guard and lands for the titleholder. Barrios with the crisper shots. (10-9 Barrios, 39-37 Barrios)

Davis-Barrios; Round 3

Over 16,000 fans in attendance at State Farm Arena for this main event. Davis finds a home with a left to the body, before sneaking a punch upstairs as well. Davis showing that hand speed, planting a couple of shots upstairs, before going back to the body. Barrios fights back, as Davis gets out of harm's way. Uppercut from Davis gets the champ's attention. Barrios lands a stiff punch to Davis' chest. Grazing uppercut lands for Tank with a few seconds left. (10-9 Davis, 29-28 Barrios)

Davis-Barrios; Round 2

Davis is really trying to figure out Barrios and get inside of the champion. Barrios is patient. Right hand gets inside for Davis. Barrios counters with a left. Davis unloads on an overhand left to the chest. Barrios digs a right into Davis' body. He follows with a quick combo. Right hook from Barrios partially blocked by Tank. Another solid round from Barrios. What he lacks in quickness, he makes up for with crisp, clean punching. (10-9 Barrios, 20-18 Barrios)

Davis-Barrios; Round 1

Barrios already trying to assert his height and reach advantage by pumping the jab from the outside. He's walking Davis down, looking to pressure with that jab. Tank throws a quick flurry to back Barrios up. Barrios continues to stick that jab out. Davis hasn't been able to get inside just yet. Overhand right from Barrios blocked by Davis. Barrios did a good job in keeping Davis fighting off the back foot in that round. (10-9 Barrios)

Atlanta erupts for Gervonta 'Tank' Davis' ring walk

Rapper Lil Baby leads Tank out. Davis is attempting to climb two weight divisions to 140 pounds and snatch a title in his third weight class tonight. To win, Davis will have to overcome a huge height and reach deficit against the bigger Barrios. Will Davis detonate yet another power display that goes viral? We're about to find out.

Barrios making his way to the ring first

Can't help but wonder how "El Azteca" feels being the champion, but having to make his ring walk first. Barrios has acknowledged his role as an underdog, but warns that he's a live underdog. Will he pull off the upset, retain his title and catapult his profile into household name status tonight? 

Lubin crushes Rosario with relentless body attack for sixth-round knockout

Hammer time! Lubin unleashes a frenzied assault on the body to drop Rosario in a heap of pain. Rosario beats the count, but Lubin puts him back down and that's it. The ref counts him out. What a win for Lubin, who overcame adversity to get his sixth straight win.

With the win, Lubin will get another crack at the world title. Well earned and deserved.

The highly-anticipated main event between Gervonta Davis and Mario Barrios is next!

Rosario staggers Lubin in fourth

Lubin, a bit too patient, and Rosario takes advantage. The former world champ staggered Lubin with a left to the temple. We have a real fight on our hands here.

Lubin buckles Rosario's knees in third

Rosario stalking Lubin around the ring here in the third, lunging and waiting to unload, but gets careless. Lubin makes him pay with a right hook that buckles the former unified world champ's knees. Lubin is all over Rosario now. Lubin lands an overhand right late and a wobbly Rosario bounces off the ropes in bad shape.

Intensity increasing early on

Lubin and Rosario trading power shots early in the second round. They're still feeling each other out a bit, but letting their hands go along the way.

Co-main is next

Erickson Lubin vs. Jesion Rosario in a WBC junior middleweight world title eliminator is upon us.

Nightmarish left hook finishes Salazar

Adames with a huge third-round TKO! How's that for a statement? Adames detonates a monstrous left hook to drop Salazar in a heap. Salazar valiantly got up, but was still buzzed and unsteady on his feet. The ref did the right thing stopping the fight. What a shot!

'Tank' interview

While speaking with Jim Gray backstage, Davis estimates that he'll be 144 or 146 pounds tonight when he enters the ring to challenge for Barrios' title.

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