George Kambosos: Teofimo Lopez has always been my target

George Kambosos Jr. has always wanted to fight Teofimo Lopez, he said, and would do so at any weight.

Lopez recently said he wanted to fight current WBC regular champion Devin Haney, apparently assuming he would be able to defeat Kambosos in their June 19 fight.

Kambosos was dismissive of Lopez’s lack of focus and pointed out that he was dead set on beating the 23-year-old unified champion before moving his sights elsewhere.

“I did see the interview, and the social media going crazy about a fight that is supposedly already happening,” he told the DAZN Boxing Show.

“That’s cool, because Lopez is fighting about 20 other guys before Kambosos, but come June 19th he’s only got one guy to worry about and I’m going straight at him.

“All these plans, all these dreams these guys have, I’m going to have to spoil these plans, I’m going to be the party pooper.”

Lopez is the heavy favourite going into the match, and holds belts from all four governing bodies, but Kambosos explained that he expects to take all the titles back to Australia, and he had eyes on the American from years ago.

“I’m the Aussie coming in, I’ve earned my respect but the fans are still getting to know me and learn who Kambosis is,” he said.

“They’ll learn on June 19th when I take those belts back to Australia, and I’ll be ready to fight the next guy straight away, but my focus is Teofimo Lopez, while his main focus is every other fighter except for me.

“I’ve always had my eyes on him ever since we met two years ago. I had a special vibe inside me saying ,‘I'm going to fight this kid. Somewhere down the road we’re going to fight.’

“I said it was a future megafight. 

“When someone has what you want and you’ve chased your whole life to get what he’s got, it becomes personal. When you add talk and a bit of extra stuff it becomes personal. 

“We saw at the press conference that I was ready to fight then and there. Whatever weight he wants to do it, I’m ready.”

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