Charlotte Flair talks about gender equality in wrestling

Charlotte Flair talks about gender equality in wrestling

In recent times, a controversy has been unleashed around women's wrestling which started with the announcement that Mickie James will be handling an all-female PPV for the NWA. Immediately after, during the press conference for NXT TakeOver: In Your House, the response from Triple H came, who made some controversial statements stating that: "Equality is not having your own show."

And adding that the best wrestlers are in WWE. Tony Khan, president of AEW, was also added, who decided to respond to Triple H's statements, thus creating an infinite circle of opinions. Many wrestling women have also expressed themselves on this topic and one above all is the beautiful queen of the ring Charlotte Flair, who gave her opinion using words better than those of Triple H.

Interviewed by Graham Matthews of the Bleacher Report, Charlotte Flair, now an established athlete and most titled woman of the WWE, responded to the idea of ​​having a space dedicated only to women.

Charlotte is a multi-time WWE Women's Champion

"Would it be nice to have an all-female show? Yes.

Would another all-female pay-per-view be nice? Yes. But I am of the mentality that I want to be in the card with men. I want to be on the card where there are eight matches and I want to be the best of the evening, not the kind.

I don't need an all-female show or ppv to highlight my performance or my ability to be a female wrestler. No. I want to prove, no matter man or woman, that I'm the best”. She then continued: “I think it's great, but I don't need an all-girl show to show that I'm a great wrestler.

Any promotion, any female star, everyone should say they are the best. You shouldn't be in the business unless you say you are the best. Wherever you are in the world you should say that you are the best”. These words are not entirely wrong.

Charlotte doesn't deny that it would be great to have something that can make women stand out in wrestling, but at the same time, it's also okay to feel confident and fight for a place in common where men and women have equal rights and where an individual doesn't care.

his gender identity, he can feel the best and work the best. Charlotte Flair is the most decorated female superstar in WWE history. She is a multi-time WWE Women's Champion, 2020 Women's Royal Rumble winner, and a former Women's Tag Team Champion.

According to Flair, she didn't enjoy her run with the Divas Championship. The Queen captured the title by defeating Nikki Bella at WWE Night of Champions 2015. She held it until it was retired the following year at WWE WrestleMania 32 and replaced with the (RAW) Women's Championship. She made history twice that night, becoming the last Divas Champion and inaugural RAW Women's Champion.

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