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Nobody expected her, but Awesome kong, a veteran ring fighter, came to AEW after retiring from professional wrestling. He did it on May 25, 2019 at the event Double Or Nothing 2019, the first PPV of All Elite Wrestling, With the help of Brandi Rhodes, to get into the combat of Nyla rose, Kylie rae (retired today) and Dr. Britt Baker, who finally won the duel.

On July 13 of that same year, Rhodes arrived accompanied by Kong in AEW Fight For The Fallen 2019 and had a face to face with Aja Kong, so fans expected to see this hand in hand among these monstrous women. But that did not happen.

Aja Kong and Awesome Kong in Fight for the Fallen - AEW

► What happened to Awesome Kong that made her not fight in AEW?

What slowly happened was that Kong and Rhodes formed a group called The Nightmare Collective, joined by Melanie Cruise and Dr. Luther, however fans were not interested in them as a group and then Kong suffered an injury.

In February 2020, Kong asked permission to go and shoot the fourth and final season of GLOW for NetflixHowever, they only recorded two episodes and everything was canceled due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Awesome Kong, Mel and Brandi Rhodes, The Nightmare Collective - AEW
Awesome Kong, Mel and Brandi Rhodes, The Nightmare Collective - AEW

It is unknown what happened from that February 2020 to today. The truth is Kong did not appear again for AEW and today it has been learned that they have officially terminated the contract by not renewing it. The news was first given by Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer and then confirmed by Sean Ross Sapp from Fightful Select.

Kong has not shared anything on social media since May 26 of this year. In the past, Kong had depression after losing his son in the womb, which even went so far as to hide WWE. Big plans for Kharma disappeared and months later she was fired.

Awesome kong

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