Aleister Black Says He's Relieved To Be Free Of Cuffs After WWE Release

Aleister Black a remarkable time in NXT as he became the the NXT Champion and had several excellent matches. However, when he was called up to the main roster, Aleister Black largely floundered.

Aleister Black had been absent from WWE television for quite a few months as creative had no plans for him. Despite making a return on Friday Night Smackdown last month and starting a new feud with Big E,  Black was released by WWE.

Aleister Black has previously detailed how the last two years of his time in WWE were like a slow death and he had a lot of trouble dealing with WWE Creative on numerous aspects.

The former WWE Superstar took to Twitter and thanked fans and pro wrestlers for all the support for the past few days. Black noted that he feels a huge sense of relief after being free from the restrictions and cuffs that were on him in WWE.

I appreciate all the support over the past few days. Still feeling good, motivated and driven. A huge sense of relief came and the realization that with cuffs and restrictions I could create all that, cuffs that I now no longer have. Feeling pride in all I have done and will do.

With Aleister Black released from WWE, there is a world of possibilities for him and fans are very excited to see what he will do next. Perhaps he might go to AEW or somewhere else for that matter.

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