AEW News Roundup - Matt Hardy wants a top WWE star to jump ship, Tony Khan not a fan of ...

We're back with another bustling edition of the daily AEW Rumor Roundup. Today's lineup begins with Matt Hardy revealing his desire to see a top RAW star in AEW.

Tony Khan, as always, made a series of eyebrow-raising comments during a recent interview in which he compared Double or Nothing to WrestleMania 37. The AEW boss also revealed that he wasn't a fan of a veteran star's gimmick and was also glad that the wrestler in question was skilled enough to adapt to a new creative direction.

Another well-known AEW star revealed why he stopped watching WWE shows years ago, and we're sure there are a few fans who'd relate to him.

Tony Schiavone sat down for an exclusive Sportskeeda Wrestling interview, and the respected announcer revealed his favorite co-worker.

The roundup also has Paul Wight talking about a long-rumored dream match and how he wants to see it happen in AEW. On that note, here are all the stories in detail.

#6 Matt Hardy wants to end his career with Jeff Hardy in AEW

It's not uncommon to see Hardy Boyz ply their trade in different promotions, but it's a known trend that the legendary duo can't stay away from each other for long.

During a recent chat with Signed By Superstars, Matt Hardy revealed that he wants to see Jeff Hardy in AEW.

Big Money Matt admitted that he would love to wrap up his career alongside his brother as it just feels like a fitting end to his long run as a professional wrestler.

Both Jeff and Matt still have a few more years left in the gas tank, but the older brother is hopeful of a reunion in AEW. Matt Hardy is also hyped about a potential Hardy Boyz vs. Young Bucks feud.

"The gimmick I would like to end my career on, and I'm pretty confident in saying this, I would like to finish my career teaming with my brother as the Hardy Boyz. Real-life Matt and real-life Jeff just doing our thing. That is, I feel like, a beautiful way to tie up a career. It's probably going to be 30 years for both of us, probably over 30 years when it's all said and done. To go out the way you came in, that's super cool. I would like to finish my career with Jeff Hardy, my brother, as a team. "To correct the record, I would love to have Jeff Hardy come to AEW just so we could team together, and there's a lot of great teams there," he added. "A proper Hardy Boyz vs. The Young Bucks feud would be amazing."

Based on yesterday's contract update, Jeff Hardy is not expected to leave WWE anytime soon, but a move to AEW could be on the cards for the Charismatic Enigma once his current deal expires.

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