AEW News Roundup - Cody Rhodes accused of lying about a major story, Issue with Braun ...

Welcome back to another edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's daily AEW News Roundup. All Elite Wrestling fans are still reeling from the aftermath of Double or Nothing, and the company continues to build new storylines and angles as we move forward.

Today's news roundup opens with a massive story featuring Cody Rhodes. A former WWE star has accused the former AEW TNT Champion of lying about an infamous incident from their time in Vince McMahon's company.

Another star and rival of Cody Rhodes discussed about his off-screen relationship with the AEW EVP.

Elsewhere, a WWE Hall of Famer highlighted a major issue with Braun Strowman potentially joining AEW. A young and talented star also shockingly announced his retirement from active in-ring competition.

A wrestling veteran compared Tony Khan to a young Vince McMahon, and the comments have unsurprisingly attracted a lot of attention.

On that note, here is the AEW News Roundup.

#5 Ted DiBiase Jr. calls out AEW's Cody Rhodes for sharing false details about an infamous story

AEW's Cody Rhodes has shared several explosive backstage WWE stories over the years, with one involving 'the worst match of his life.'

During his Starrcast 2018 appearance, Cody Rhodes opened up about a six-man tag team match from a Smackdown episode in June 2011. Rhodes was part of The Legacy alongside Ted DiBiase Jr., and the SmackDown match ended with a botched finish. The match was originally supposed to go on for two segments, but it suffered an abrupt end after four minutes when DiBiase didn't kick out of a routine pinfall.

DiBiase apparently blamed the referee for the botch, and the third-generation wrestler was really heated behind the scenes.

According to Rhodes, DiBiase was angry about the finish and was allegedly even heard saying the following backstage after the match: "Where's that referee. He was trying to f*** on me!"

DiBiase's reported outburst caught Vince McMahon off guard, and the boss just put his headphones back on and resumed managing the show.

DiBiase Jr. spoke to WrestleZone recently and set the record straight about the incident mentioned above. The former WWE Tag Team Champion shot down the story and blamed AEW EVP Cody Rhodes for fabricating the details of what went down after the match.

Here's what DiBiase Jr. had to say about Cody Rhodes' version of the incident:

"Look, I'm just going to say this—that dude will say something and beat a dead horse with it. I may have said 'he tried to f— me,' but I don't know where he got the 'he tried to f— on me.' Sorry, I'm trying not to curse in front of the kids, but look—that dude knows how to blow something up. I think it's hilarious, and it's probably a shot at me, but he'd do that all of the time. He'd make something up that somebody said and scream it non-stop in the locker room, and then everybody would adopt it. So, I was pissed because I did kick out. You can go back and watch it, but we had a meeting that day where [they told us] 'The referees are going to count you out if you don't kick out!'"

DiBiase Jr. stated that he kicked out of the pinfall and was admittedly annoyed with the referee. The ex-WWE star concluded by taking another shot at Cody Rhodes:

"I did kick out, and I don't remember his [the referee] name, but anyway, I was hot [about it]. I was pissed; I said a lot of cuss words when I came through there, but Cody can tell a story. He can fabricate one too [laughs]."

The AEW EVP is yet to respond to Ted DiBiase's rebuttal.

Edited by Alan John

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