Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle are hiding a new project

Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle are hiding a new project

Two of the most famous athletes of their respective fields of action, namely pro-wrestling and the world of MMA, we are talking about Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey, now also a pro-wrestler in all respects, are now missing from the WWE rings.

for some time now, as one has retired permanently after her last Wrestlemania match against Baron Corbin and the other is still at home, on maternity leave, for her first pregnancy. Obviously, the absence of the two from the WWE rings makes itself felt and how, with fans clamoring for Rousey's name, given that it is now two years since she has been seen in the rings of the McMahon company and seen.

also the other weightlessness of the women's sector of the federation, Becky Lynch.

Latest update on Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey

Through some strange tweets, the two athletes who became famous on other rings and then also in WWE wanted to leave some doubts and a bit of curiosity to the fans, about a new project that would be about to start, dedicated to the dairy world and the world of milk, with the tweet showing a photo in front of a typical American milk truck, with the two athletes in front of it.

"Wait and see what Ronda Rousey and your Olympic hero Kurt Angle have in store for you! Yes! This is the Ronda milk truck behind us. We had a great day filming the show”. Obviously, it all seems to be just a joke from the Olympic hero, who wanted to joke about having a brand new custom truck with Baddest Woman on the planet branding.

With a further clue, namely the recordings of a show, it seems that Kurt Angle has confirmed that the project is just a cinematic gimmick and not a real new job, with some projects that will air somewhere, on some TV or on some well-known social networks, which apparently have absorbed the last days of the two, struggling with recordings.

We will see if further interesting news for the two will come out in the coming days. On the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that Ronda Rousey's WWE contract expired this past week. However, he also noted that WWE could have frozen her deal due to her taking time off.

In that case, she would still have around one year left on her contract. "The impression we had is she was always coming back for the planned Los Angeles WrestleMania which was supposed to be this year, but obviously that didn't happen."

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