Keith Lee Asks For More Time To Explain What Is Gong On With Him In WWE

Keith Lee’s WWE status is shrouded in mystery right now. There are many more questions than answers at this point. His fiancé Mia Yim was also quick to point out how it’s none of our business.

Lee promised to explain what is going on. He can’t do that just yet. We have no idea why WWE isn’t using him, but he has not been released. This is a very interesting situation because he is not injured either.

The Limitless Lee dropped another tweet on Monday afternoon to explain that he will tell all in time. We have heard that from him in the past. This situation seems like a lot to unpack and he needs a little more time.

To the people offering uplifting words…. know that I appreciate you greatly. And worry not, when I say #iAmLimitless, I MEAN IT.

I will try to find a way to explain everything in the most efficient way possible. Give me just a little more time.

Once thought to be a huge future main event star, Keith Lee arrived on the WWE main roster and fizzled. Vince McMahon changed his look, his entrance, and his work rate. That resulted in a perfect storm of having to figure everything out in front of millions.

We are hoping for the best because the world would be very entertained with Keith Lee at a high level in WWE. He hasn’t made his television return yet, and right now there is a huge story coming that we aren’t privy to.

What do you think is going on in Keith Lee’s situation? Sound off in the comments!

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