7 Amazing Stories About TNA In Bruce Prichard's Podcast

'Something to Wrestle With Bruce Prichard' is a wrestling podcast hosted by Conrad Thomson and featuring WWE Senior Vice President and Director of Raw and SmackDown, Bruce Prichard.

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One of the most popular episodes of the show was the one where Prichard discussed his stint at TNA Wrestling. The response to the episode was so great that Prichard and Thompson did a Part 2 as well. All in all, Prichard has a low opinion of TNA and he shared shocking tales of incompetence, poor decision making, and toxic culture that drove the company to the verge of closing its doors. Here are 7 amazing TNA stories from Prichard's vault.

7 Kurt Angle Got A Used Rolex For His Hall Of Fame Induction

Angle Sting

TNA decided to start its own Hall of Fame in 2012 - just a decade after the company was born. Bruce Prichard was part of management at the time and he recalled incredible stories of how Dixie Carter and co handled the plans for the ceremony.

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Dixie wanted Lex Luger to make an appearance for free to induct Sting into the Hall of Fame while expecting the TNA talent who attended the ceremony to pay for their own food. A year later, when Kurt Angle was inducted, he was given a Rolex as a gift. However, Prichard recounted how Dixie wanted to cut costs and she decided to get a cheaper used Rolex online, as opposed to forking out money to buy a brand new one for Angle.

6 Nigel McGuinness Got Fired For Doing Community Theatre


Nigel McGuinness has worked as the color commentator on NXT for over 4 years. Before that, he was an accomplished in-ring talent, holding the ROH World title for a 545-day reign. He also had a stint in TNA where he wrestled under the name Desmond Wolfe and came in to contact with Bruce Prichard.

When McGuinness repeatedly showed up late for work, he was confronted by Prichard., McGuinness told him that he was auditioning for roles in community theatre. Infuriated that McGuinness was missing paid company time for outside ventures, Prichard fired him from TNA.

5 Don West Was An Unsung TNA Hero

Don West TNA with a mic

In his podcast, Bruce Prichard heaped a lot of praise on Don West, who was the original TNA color commentator opposite Mike Tenay during the initial days of the promotion. In addition to his commentating duties, West used to act as the ultimate hype man, doing his best to sell ancillary stuff to the fans who came to the Impact Zone.

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Prichard mentioned that West was single-handedly responsible for the TNA house shows being profitable, as he would constantly bug the audience, reminding them about t-shirts available for sale, backstage access passes, and opportunities to click photos with the talent. The approach was so successful that TNA made more than $24 per head in merchandise sales, way more than what the WWE did.

4 TNA Didn't Take Care Of Jesse Sorensen After His Serious Injury

Jesse Sorensen

Jesse Sorensen was just 22 when he made his TNA debut in 2011. In a match at the 2012 edition of the Against All Odds pay-per-view, Sorenson suffered a vertebrae fracture and spinal cord edema, which resulted in him lying motionless outside the ring. Jesse was effectively paralyzed and was told that he would never wrestle again.

According to Prichard, Impact promised to take care of him after the injury. However, a year later, Jesse was released from TNA and Prichard stated that Jesse's mother went bankrupt paying for his medical expenses. The good news is that Sorensen recovered from his injuries and started wrestling again, even appearing for a few matches in NXT.

3 Alex Silva Was Accidently Signed To TNA

Alex Silva

In 2012, Alex Silva took part in the TNA Gut Check, which was essentially a tryout match that was shown live on TV. After the match, a panel of three judges - Ric Flair, Al Snow, and Bruce Prichard would vote to determine whether a wrestler would be given a TNA contract based on his performance.

The results were pre-determined and Silva was not supposed to get a contract as per the script. The plan was for Flair and Prichard to vote against Silva, with Snow voting for him resulting in a 1-2 verdict. After the match, Flair and Snow made the votes as per the script, but Silva was then asked to cut a promo.

Flair was so impressed by Silva's promo that he declared on live TV that he was changing his vote to 'Yes', effectively giving Silva two approval votes, rendering Prichard's vote meaningless. TNA was forced to award Silva a contract on TV and then had to scramble to get him a visa to work in the United States as he was ineligible. After all that, he was released within a year of working for the company.

2 AJ Styles Left After Being Asked To Take A 60% Pay-cut

A TNA original, many felt that AJ Styles would remain with the company till the end of his career, as WWE was uninterested in signing him despite his world-class athleticism. In the early 2010s, TNA had an opportunity to tie down Styles to a multi-year contract, but they delayed the new deal, considering that the likes of Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and their gang of WWE castaways would be worth more to the company than AJ.

When Styles' original deal was near expiry, TNA offered him a new deal but the terms had AJ working for 60% less than his previous contract. A proud Styles, who had just been through the awful Claire Lynch storyline, felt that he had been disrespected and after astounding a formerly skeptical Prichard with a real-life passionate promo on why he should be valued, decided not to re-sign with TNA.

1 The Many Mistakes Of Dixie Carter


Dixie Carter served as the President of TNA from 2003 - 16. While Prichard doesn't dislike her, he felt that many of her decisions ruined the company. Dixie approved TNA moving to a slot where they would be in direct competition with WWE on TV, decided to shoot the weekly episodes live with no planning or expertise, was happy to ignore burning problems like paying the wrestlers on time, while keeping a spending cap on meals for wrestlers during shows.

In 2012, WWE approached TNA, requesting that Ric Flair, under a TNA contract at the time, be allowed to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. In return, TNA could have any WWE wrestler for one night. The ball was in TNA's court and Dixie could have tried asking for a top-tier WWE superstar like The Undertaker or John Cena. However, Dixie's first and only choice for the trade was former TNA talent Christian. According to Prichard, WWE contact John Laurinaitus's response was, "How long do you want him?"

Due to decisions like that,  TNA's future looked bleak by the mid-2010s and the company wasn't sure whether they could air their product on TV.

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