Various News: Lance Archer Trolled By Fan In Real Life, Santos Escobar Breaks Down His ...

– Lance Archer noted on Twitter that he was accosted by a fan in real life who saw his AEW mask and began to bash the company to his face. Archer didn’t think the fan recognized him.

He wrote: “Real life TROLL moment yesterday at store. (Don’t think kid realized who I was w hat & mask on) Wearing AEW mask. Kid proceeded to talk trash bout AEW in a way I’ve only seen online. A. No discipline at home obviously. B. No fear of consequences in 2021! I LAUGHED LOUDLY! S0! Imagine that. Ppl couldn’t understand what I was trying to say here. It’s NOT that the kid had a different opinion. Or likes something else. He absolutely can & I’m ok with difference of opinion. It was his Unsolicited, RUDE & Disrespectful approach. I was minding my own biz!

– WWE NXT has posted a new video of Santos Escobar breaking down his wardrobe ahead of NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver.

– Seth Rollins loves Becky Lynch and thinks being engaged to her is an accomplishment.

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