Pro wrestling legend warns WWE against making a big mistake with Otis [Exclusive]

Pro wrestling legend and former WWE manager Dutch Mantell praised Otis on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk. Mantell also warned WWE not to make one particular mistake with the former Heavy Machinery member.

Otis faced Rey Mysterio on SmackDown last night. The two superstars had a great match with Mysterio leaving with the win.

On this week's edition of Smack Talk, Dutch Mantell praised the match between Otis and Rey Mysterio on WWE SmackDown. Mantell, however, stressed that WWE has to be careful with Otis and not beat him too many times. He explained:

"I liked it, it was good. The only thing you got to worry about Otis is he's a really big guy. They beat him in the right way, they did that, but when you start beating those guys like that it's really hard to salvage them so they got to watch what they do with Otis because he's a test and I don't know if he can stand too many losses because he's such a... he had a great match. And I did notice about Dominik, he needs a new hairstyle. He needs to cut his hair or do something. But it wasn't a bad match. The whole show was pretty good."

WWE legend Dutch Mantell's take on Commander Azeez

Dutch Mantell also gave his take on Commander Azeez, who was formerly known as Dabba Kato before his alliance with Apollo Crews. Azeez helped Crews win the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Big E at WrestleMania 37. Mantell said that Azeez could have some issues getting over with fans:

"I think they want to use the guy but they just don't know how to. So they want to look at him out there and they want an immaculate vision to come to them 'oh wow' and they see this great thing for him the guy is what, 6'6, 6'8, 6'10? He's a big guy. He's a big guy and I don't see that taking off at all. The segment wasn't bad but I think that when we see him in action, he's going to be have to be so produced, every step is going to have to be produced."


Dutch Mantell stressed that being a big man wouldn't be enough to get Commander Azeez over and he will need to show athleticism and physical ability to get over with fans.

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Published 17 Apr 2021, 13:36 IST

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