Ken Shamrock on Introducing Tap Out Submissions in WWE

Ken Shamrock on Introducing Tap Out Submissions in WWE

Ken Shamrock is a UFC Hall of Famer and is a former Intercontinental Champion. He recently spoke about introducing Tap Out Submissions in WWE. Tapping out was extremely common in the world of Catch Wrestling. Professional Wrestling these days is actually an ‘entertainment’ form of Catch Wrestling.

In Catch Wrestling, wrestlers could win by either pinfall or submission. However, the matches in Catch Wrestling were not scripted. Before Ken Shamrock joined WWE, Tap Out submissions were almost nonexistent. They were very common in the world of Catch Wrestling.

In fact, most current submissions in WWE are real catch wrestling moves. Shamrock took credit for introducing Catch Wrestling moves in WWE on Twitter.

Ken Smarock Takes Credit for Introducing Submissions in WWE

“Before I entered the WWF, Tapping out was not a thing!

After I joined, Tapping out became a big thing! FACT [100 emoji],” he wrote. Taz, former ECW star and current AEW star, commented on his tweet and stated that Shamrock is right to take credit. However, Taz also took credit as he too was a submission specialist.

Taz wrote, “Hmmm, regarding WWF, you are correct. Not sure who started doing it in wrestling first you or I, but it was close to the same time I think. Hope you are well, man!” Shamrock responded, “Just speaking on WWF I know you did your thing & I loved it.

Stay strong my friend” Shamrock joined WWE in 1997. Shamrock was the first legit MMA fight to join the world of professional wrestling. Since his debut, many MMA stars have joined the professional wrestling world. Also, many professional wrestlers have tried their hand in the world of MMA.

Ken Shamrock has not stayed very active in the world of professional wrestling and he hasn’t appeared for a very long time. Ken has expressed interest in joining WWE, but WWE has shown no interest in hiring Ken again.

Ken also tried his hand in MMA but he could never find success. Ken is also known for being one of the only UFC stars that are still quite relevant even though he started MMA back in 1991. In fact, he participated in UFC 1 and since then he has faced some of the top UFC stars of all time.

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