“I'm proud to be a wrestler. Why can't I say I'm a wrestler?” – Triple H explains why WWE Superstars ...

Triple H explains why WWE Superstars are not called wrestlers. The in-ring talent in the WWE have long been called Superstars instead of ‘Wrestlers’.

To many it is somewhat strange that WWE, a pro-wrestling company, does not refer to their talent as wrestlers. To Triple H however, it makes perfect sense. The head honcho at NXT believes it is about how you brand yourself and what people take from what you say.

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During an interaction with Paul Rabil on his Suiting Up podcast, the WWE Legend explained that anybody could be a professional wrestler but it means something else when you call yourself a WWE Superstar.  He picked out examples from lacrosse and the NFL to make his point.

Triple H explains why WWE Superstars are not called wrestlers

“A lot of people play football and I used to use this analogy a lot with talent because they would say, ‘Why can’t we… I’m proud to be a wrestler. Why can’t I say I’m a wrestler?’ It’s not that you’re not a wrestler, but you’re a WWE superstar. Anybody can wrestle. You can wrestle in your backyard and say, ‘I’m a professional wrestler’ but to be a WWE superstar is something different.

“It’s like saying, ‘I played football. I was in the NFL.’ It’s two different things and I think that branding is important so, there is that weird stigma to it sometimes and you’ll hear me quote Vince [McMahon] a lot but it’s part of one of the things he taught me is also the art of communication. It’s not what you say to people, it’s what they take in from what you say so you gotta know the audience you’re dealing with.

“If you’re dealing with somebody that’s going to see you, you particularly as if you say, ‘I’m a professional Lacrosse player’ and they go, ‘Okay, jock. Can’t do much else’ or whatever, right? ‘Spent his life in a gym, probably not that educated maybe’ or whatever and you say ‘executive’, it is perceived differently depending on who they are.”

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