WWE installed warning about leg slapping ban backstage

WWE installed warning about leg slapping ban backstage

Throughout the history of the Stamford company, there have been several events that have made fans or insiders roll their eyes, such as the ban of some finishing moves or the suspension of some athletes for the most diverse reasons.

With the advent of the Wellness Program, in fact, several athletes have been fined and suspended several times by the WWE, for having followed conduct not granted by the WWE, taking prohibited substances, such as medicines, drugs or doping substances and steroids.

However, we are not just talking about drugs or suspensions, but also about maneuvers and in-ring activities that are literally banned, such as Seth Rollins' Curb Stomp, which for a period was forbidden to the former Universal champion or the Powerbomb towards the stake, also an integral part of Rollins' move-set, which we have not seen for some time now.

In the last few hours, the Stamford federation would have targeted a new maneuver, which in this case is not a real move, but a "professional" gesture, which many athletes used, to emphasize their moves more. and your match.

WWE installed warning about leg slapping ban backstage

Apparently, in recent days, it would seem that WWE has targeted a practice that has been going on for decades, with the company's athletes who could no longer use the "Leg Slapping", or the slap that the wrestler gives to his same leg, while hitting the opponent with a kick, so as to emphasize the move and the sound that echoes throughout the arena.

Apparently, according to numerous sources online, WWE has even threatened to heavily fine people who will be caught using this maneuver. In one of the latest updates by Dave Meltzer, to the microphones of the daily Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the well-known journalist told: "There was a story going around that WWE was fining wrestlers for leg slapping, to try to emphasize kicking and sound effects, a practice that's been around in the wrestling world for as long as I can remember."

Apparently, at the moment several external sources are said to have confirmed this story, while instead from the insiders inside the WWE, no confirmation or denial on these facts would have arrived. It was noted that people like Jey Uso are great workers, but they are now limited.

It’s unclear what the final straw was that broke the camel’s back in this situation. Vince McMahon apparently saw one too many leg slaps before sending down the word that he doesn’t want to see it again.

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