Rumor On WWE Banning Performers From Using Leg Slaps During Matches

We may never know if this is officially true, but a report is going around that WWE is warning talent not to use leg slaps during matches as a way to accentuate the sound of their strikes. The reaction from fans and wrestlers has been mixed.

For those that don't know what a "leg slap" is... essentially, it's the art of hitting your own leg while simultaneously hitting your opponent so that the sound of the impact the strike makes is magnified. The move is a popular one for many of the newer talent, and there are some, especially in NXT, who rely on it heavily to get over their punches and kicks during contests.

However, among veteran talent, the move isn't as accepted. Randy Orton has even publicly poked fun at the talent in NXT who us it too often. He said, "I've been outspoken about the leg slap because I've seen more and more and more... leg slaps. Same with repeating moves. Same with guys using the same move. It's superkick, superkick, superkick. Every time any of those things happen, you get a big slap to the leg."

The problem with the move is that so many people use it, the practice has come to be known as one of the things that makes it hard to take wrestling serious. While a good leg slap can help and if done properly a real addition to a good match, using it too much is ammunition for those that already talk down upon the industry.

As such, it is believed WWE is banning the move and Dave Meltzer actually noted on Wrestling Observer Radio, that during Friday's SmackDown, there was a sign right outside of the Gorilla position that says ‘do not slap leg when kicking.’

Something To Watch For

It will be fairly easy to tell if this is a true story or not. If wrestlers, all of a sudden stop doing it, fans should be able to tell. Where it will be really interesting is to see if any wrestlers are granted an exception.

Will someone like Drew McIntyre be allowed to do a leg slap during a Claymore Kick?

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