Eric Bischoff Explains Why He Turned Down An Opportunity To Work With The nWo In WWE

Eric Bischoff contributed aplenty in the professional wrestling industry, and it's going to lead him to the the WWE Hall of Fame in two weeks.

Bischoff played prominent roles in three major wrestling promotions: WCW, WWE and TNA/Impact Wrestling. He served as the Executive Producer and President of WCW, and the success of the company nearly led to the demise of Vince McMahon's WWE promotion.

One year after WWE bought out WCW in 2001, McMahon hired Bischoff to serve as the general manager of Monday Night Raw. Bischoff held this role for three years before getting" fired" in storyline.

Interestingly, WWE had a different idea in mind for Bischoff before he became the GM of Raw.: They wanted him to rejoin the legendary stable that he created six years earlier in WCW.

During an interview on After The Bell with Corey Graves (h/t Blake Lovell of, Bischoff revealed that he was asked about possibly rejoining the New World Order faction with Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The trio had reunited at the 2002 No Way Out pay-per-view.

"Jim (Ross) and I are very close now, and we have a blast together," Bischoff said. "But back then when the WWE version of the nWo angle was unfolding, I got a call from Jim, which really surprised me because of the tension in the relationship. He was very professional but very distant and offered me an opportunity to come in and join WWE as part of a storyline."

But Bischoff explained that the "timing wasn't right", and he that Ross "wasn’t being as forthcoming as" he had hoped. Bischoff wasn't that enthused, so he decided to pass on reuniting with the nWo.

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"I’m pretty certain it was shortly thereafter we found out Vince McMahon was behind the whole WWE/nWo story. So, I think to answer your question, had I decided to take that opportunity and jump at it, I think it may have been revealed that I was bringing the nWo with me into WWE. I think that could’ve helped a lot because I just don’t think anybody brought in the story of Vince McMahon bringing in the nWo to ruin his whole company."

The reunion between Hogan, Nash and Hall in WWE didn't last too long. Hogan split from the group and turned face immediately after his WrestleMania XXX match with The Rock. He briefly clashed with Nash and Hall before moving on to other programs.

Everything Worked Out In The End

Bischoff had a brilliant and successful run as the lead GM of Raw. Had he decided to join the nWo, who knows how things would have played out? It was his role on Raw that helped Bischoff enjoy a short but sweet run in WWE. So it's safe to say that he made the right call in turning down WWE's offer to rejoin the nWo.

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