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When Christians arrive at AEW, WWE’s biggest problem, they get a lot of praise from current WWE stars, former WWE stars, former TNA stars, former WCW stars, and current AEW stars. Edge reacts to Christian cages quitting WWE.

Dave Meltzer recently wrote about Christians in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter: They follow the news, and in 2021, AEW fans will most likely offer a lot of promotions, and the information will come on social media and internet news rather than from TV shows, so the fan base will get the news. I will. “

Dave seems to continue to hurt AEW creatives. “For these people, like almost everyone, if it’s not the main name you expected (only Kurt Angle gets traction), you’re almost dishonest. To you, signing is a good move. I have every right to the opinion that there isn’t. “

Dave ended with a review of the situation: “Many people have that opinion. Many wrestlers don’t have that opinion personally, but no one wants to say it publicly, but it’s mixed. I’ve heard from people who insist on each side. As a fan of the company, you certainly have the right to like or hate it, but ultimately what matters is how it works. Do you want to? “

We can only wait for how Christians will be used, but as others have stated, AEW may be destined to become TNA 2.0 by signing past-prime stars. Hmm (not rude to any of them, including Christians).

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Christian AEW Signs “Burial” by WWE Top Stars Christian AEW Signs “Burial” by WWE Top Stars

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