Brian Scalabrine dominates high schooler who challenged him in 1-on-1

Watch Scal dominate HS player who challenged him in 1-on-1 originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Think you have a chance against an ex-NBA player in a game of 1-on-1? You might think differently after watching what Brian Scalabrine did to a challenger.

A high-school basketball player put a pair of sneakers on the line in a friendly wager with the former Boston Celtic. That turned out to be an unwise choice as Scal cruised to an 11-0 victory.

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Watch below:

No match for the White Mamba.

That video should teach all of the average Joes out there a valuable lesson. If you think you can take on any NBA player -- even if it's the guy at the end of the bench who has been working for NBC Sports Boston for the last six years -- chances are you're sadly mistaken.

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