AEW wrestler injured and replaced by international star – WWE Sports – Jioforme

It can happen to anyone. Injuries can be scary to anyone in wrestling, as no one is immune to them. It can be anything from small problems to catastrophic and potentially career-ending situations, and sometimes you have to expect things to be as bad as they look. There’s one more this time around, but it might not be that bad.

One of the greatest strengths of the AEW roster is its international diversity. The company has wrestlers from all over the world. In short, the combination of different styles and options has yielded fairly positive results. But even AEW is unaffected by injuries, and one of its international stars will be on the sidelines for a short while. That means another international star is taking his place.

AEW President Tony Khan has announced that Puck has suffered an ankle injury during the revolution. That is, you are not allowed to team up with Ray Phoenix to win the tag team title against The Young Bucks. Therefore, AAA’s Laredkid will be teaming up with Lucha Brothers, The Young Bucks and Brandon Cutler at this week’s Dynamite to replace the pack with a six-person tag. There is no word about when the pack will be cleared to return.

The pack is one of the stars. Check for missing AEW.

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