AEW Superstar Sting Reveals Why His Dream Match With WWE Legend The Undertaker Never ...

Sting had a successful cinematic match in AEW and is settling in well as a mentor to AEW TNT Champion Darby Allin. In fact, the two have been getting better every week.

However, despite his many accomplishments throughout an exemplary career, one thing remains undone. 

This one thing would be the dream showdown between Sting and The Undertaker. The two veterans of the business have legacies built around them, and there would be no bigger clash than them meeting each other in the ring for one final showdown.

“It wasn’t a goal of mine to get back in the ring. The only thing I thought I might do is have a cinematic match against Undertaker when I was with WWE,” admitted Sting, speaking to Bleacher Report. 

“We weren’t able to come to an agreement. Tony [Schiavone] reached out to me and asked if I wanted to come play and let him know. A year later and I thought WWE isn’t working out and I didn’t want to disappear with my tail between my legs. I hate that.”

AEW made Sting an offer he couldn’t refuse

After a devastating neck injury in his match against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions 2015, no one expected Sting to step foot in the ring again. He never made it back to WWE and decided that his time there was done. A tempting offer came his way at that moment.

“I had no idea what I could offer AEW but I called Tony and he asked if I would be interested in doing cinematic matches,” Sting explained. “I said I would like to do that and now, Tony is talking about matches on Dynamite. We’ll see what happens there. To be back on TNT is a cool element to it. It’s great to have guys like Jim Ross, Tony, Dustin [Rhodes], Tully [Blanchard] and Arn [Anderson] around.”

Apparently, ‘The Icon’ has found the perfect place to end his career and seems to have a new life in him. Many had written this WCW icon off after his stint with WWE, but he can wrestle a lot longer through the cinematic match format.

We will get to see more of his skills should he do those matches live on Dynamite. There is plenty of venom still left in Sting, and he intends to go out right at the top. 

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