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Welcome to eWrestling.com's LIVE results coverage for the latest edition of WWE Monday Night RAW which airs tonight, February 8, 2021 starting at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, airing LIVE on the USA Network from the ThunderDome II at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida!

As advertised for the February 8th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW by eWrestling's own @MattBoone0709 earlier today on our RAW Preview, Drew McIntyre will battle Randy Orton on tonight's edition of RAW. Also scheduled for RAW, Charlotte Flair and Lacey Evans will meet face-to-face inside the ring along with much more action. It all starts at 8/7C on USA Network!

Featured below are complete results of the February 8, 2021 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW which airs live at 8/7C on USA Network! The following report was written by eWrestling.com's longest running female reporter, Jamie Rush. Follow Jamie on Twitter @JamieRush312.

Show Opening

"In Memory Of "The Natural" Butch Reed 1954-2021" is shown before we head into the regular "WWE Then... Now... FOREVER!" before the video package begins highlighting last week's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW.

Video Package - "Last Week"

We immediately head into a video clip that shows highlights from last week's edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. We see multiple photos of Sheamus and Drew McIntyre throughout their friendship in different eras and different places for each frame. We then see clips from last week's RAW where 20+ years best friends Sheamus and Drew McIntyre had a falling out after Sheamus turned on his friend inside the ring after McIntyre spoke to the Royal Rumble winner, Edge.

Sheamus first defended McIntyre as Edge asked what was wrong with McIntyre as he gave compliments and praises to Edge, only to end up delivering a Brogue Kick that left McIntyre emotionally broken. Later in the evening Sheamus stated "He is not no longer my friend!" then continued on to share that he wanted to go for the title, and that was his top priority. A visibly upset McIntyre later stated during a backstage interview that if Sheamus wanted to split up their near life-long friendship for a belt, "so be it."

In-Ring - Adam Pearce

As the video package ends, we head into the ThunderDome II in St. Petersburg, FL at Tropicana Field Arena as we head into the ring where Adam Pearce is standing with a microphone in hand. Pearce welcomes us to the February 8th edition of WWE Monday Night RAW before welcoming a surprise guest to the ring... Shane-O-Mac!

Shane McMahon Joins Adam Pearce In-Ring

"Here comes the money..." Shane McMahon makes his way to the stage with his infamous foot shuffle before making his way down the ramp and entering the ring where he joins Adam Pearce. Shane says it’s great to be back in the ThunderDome! He continues on to share that this is his favorite time of the year, The Road to WrestleMania 34. Shane then states that he is here to make a blockbuster announcement about Elimination Chamber. Adam is clearly clued in as he announces that Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Title inside the Chamber.

Shane continued on to state that six WWE Superstars will enter the Chamber, and the winner will be the new WWE Champion. Pearce says Drew’s opponents will all be former WWE Champions as he begins to name off the six competitors that will enter the chamber... Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, The Miz, and finally... Sheamus.

Shane tells Adam that he's proud of what Pearce has been doing before he takes his leave from the ring. As Shane makes his way up the ramp, AJ Styles music sounds over the speakers in the ThunderDome!

AJ Styles (w/ Omos) Enters The Ring

AJ Styles along with his larger than life friend Omos, make their way down the ramp, passing Shane McMahon on the way down the ramp. AJ and Shane stop and nod to one another before AJ continues on and enters the ring where he quickly stops Adam Pearce from exiting the ring. Omos stares Shane down. AJ asks Pearce for a second of his time before he leaves. AJ mentions how his chances of winning the WWE Title are phenomenal.

He also says he’s always thought of Adam as a dumbass. He goes on and says he will give everyone a Chamber preview tonight on RAW. Styles then tells Pearce to get out of his ring, and to "start steppin'" just as the entrance theme music hits and out comes Jeff Hardy.

AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

AJ Styles waits inside the ring along with Omos as Hardy makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Hardy heads to the corner turnbuckle where he stops and poses as more pyro goes off and we head to our first commercial of the evening.

As we return from commercial break, the referee signals for the bell to kick off the first match-up of the evening for tonight's edition of RAW! The match starts off with both superstars heading in as they lock-up and struggle for control. Hardy lands an early take down as he applies a Headlock on Styles. Styles is finally able to fight free, then follows up as he knocks Jeff into the corner of the ring. Styles then lands several big blows to Hardy who retaliates with a Snapmare and a dropkick to the back of Styles.

Hardy goes for the cover, getting a quick two-count as Styles kicks out. Both men back to their feet, Jeff whips AJ to the ropes and catches him with a back body drop. Hardy beats AJ into each corner around the ring and hits a leg-drop for a two-count. Jeff lands awkwardly and has tweaked his knee, so he rolls out to regroup. Styles offers no such reprieve and chases after Jeff to hit a chop block to the knee. Styles assaults the knee and lifts Jeff to throw him knee-first into the ring post. Once again we head to commercial break!

As we return from break once again, Styles has control over Hardy in the center of the ring as commentary notes that Styles is continuing to attack the legs of Hardy, particularly the left leg. Both men try to gain momentum inside the ring. AJ ends up rolling Hardy down into a firmly planted Calf Crusher. Hardy struggles to get to the bottom rope as we hear the crowd encouraging Hardy to keep pushing until he finally makes the break!

Hardy attempts to take control of AJ, but Hardy's leg gives out and he drops back down to the mat. Hardy sends AJ to the apron as he charges. AJ goes for the Phenomenal Forearm but Hardy sees it coming and quickly hits the top rope sending Styles to the mat. AJ gets the cover, Hardy kicks out at two! Hardy attempts to pick up Styles, though Styles is able to kick Hardy's leg out from under him! Once again, Hardy blocks the Styles Clash as he counters with a Twist of Fate. Hardy makes his way to the corner and looks for a Swanton Bomb but Styles is able to move out of the way!

AJ immediately heads in for the Calf Crusher and locks it in, pulling back as Hardy looks for the ropes. Hardy tries to fight back with Elbows, but finally he taps out for the finish.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the Match

AJ Styles is announced as the winner as his music sounds in the ThunderDome.

Quick Announcement

Damian Priest with Bad Bunny vs. Angel Garza is announced for later tonight. Also, still to come, Riddle vs. Keith Lee.

Video Clip

Commentary discusses last week's match between WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley and Matt Riddle that ended in a DQ.


Matt Riddle walks up to Keith Lee backstage. Lee notes that Riddle is sporting a black eye. Riddle confirms and states laughter is the best medicine so he got toasty at home last week, watched all of the Air Buds movies, and how he’s feeling like a million bucks.

Lee asks Riddle if Lashley perhaps knocked some screws loose and asks Riddle if he really wants to keep pursuing the United States Title. Riddle just wants to win the title and insists he will win eventually. Lee says maybe it’s time someone new tries for the title, like himself. He has what it takes to beat Lashley, and to beat Riddle tonight. They have some friendly words and Riddle says to let the better man win. Riddle walks off.


As we return to the ring, the entrance theme sounds for The New Day members Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston, (making his in-ring return from a recent jaw injury at the hands of The Hurt Business, he's been cleared for competition again!). They hit the ring as Woods plays the trombone horribly and Kingston strikes a pose in the corner of the ring as we head to commercial break!

Backstage - Sheamus Confronts Adam Pearce

As we return from commercial break, Sheamus catches up with Adam Pearce and is pissed as he reminds Pearce that McIntyre promised him a one-on-one title match but now he has to share the match with four other blokes. Pearce says they just wanted to book the biggest main event and Sheamus asks if he thinks he isn’t a draw.

Sheamus says he’s seen suits like Pearce come and go, they never last. Sheamus goes on to state that what he does at Elimination Chamber is on Pearce and his bright ideas. Sheamus finishes his rant as he says "remember, this was YOUR responsibility!"

We then return to the ring for RETRIBUTION'S entrance

RETRIBUTION make their way to the ring as their entrance theme sounds in the arena. Mustafa Ali is shocked that WWE allowed him on commentary as he has so much he could say about this greedy and corrupt company! The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match is officially underway!

Slapjack and T-Bar against Woods and Kingston begins inside the ring! Mace stands guard at the announcer's table as Ali continues shouting his problems with WWE making it difficult to focus on the match. Woods and Slapjack begin the match and Woods is in control early on! Slapjack fights up and chops Woods, but Kofi tags himself in and hits a missile dropkick for a two-count. Kofi chops Slapjack but gets caught with a European uppercut.

At this point, T-Bar makes the tag and hits Kingston with a heavy shoulder! T-Bar lifts Kofi onto his shoulders but Kingston jumps off and dodges him a few times before attempting a roll-up but gets lifted and slammed. T-Bar gets tossed out, then Slapjack as well, and Kofi dives over the ropes onto both of them while Woods plays trombone to send us to commercial break once again!

We once again return from commercial break where we see Woods is on offense as T-Bar maintains control inside the ring. T-Bar steps on Woods before making the tag to his partner, Slapjack. T-Bar lands a Body Slam then follows up with a Jumping Stomp by Slapjack. Slapjack seems unfazed by Woods flurry of fists as Slapjack beats him down and goes back to a headlock. Woods knocks Slapjack back so he can tag in Kingston, but T-Bar tags in and knocks Kingston off the apron.

Slapjack tags in and he along with T-Bar hit a double-team Chokeslam for the cover. Woods is able to kick out and finally gets the tag to Kingston. Kingston comes in hot, Slapjack with Axe handles and a Dropkick, then knocks T-Bar off the apron. Kofi hits a Running Clothesline and the Boom Drop. Kingston mocks Ali on commentary which causes T-Bar to run at Kofi on the apron but gets hit with Trouble In Paradise.

Finally, Woods tags back in and New Day hit Daybreak for the three count pin and win!

Winners: The New Day

After the Match

Ali completely loses it while T-Bar and Mace run into the ring but New Day already made their exit!

Quick Announcement

Commentary notes that the WWE 2021 Women's Royal Rumble winner Bianca Belair will be on RAW tonight and she may or may not make her decision about her WrestleMania opponent. We also see a clip of her mother watching her win the Rumble and scream with joy at home in a video clip.

In-Ring - Ric Flair & Lacey Evans

We get the entrance music for first the WWE Hall of Famer, Ric Flair, then his new "friend" Lacey Evans who joins Flair at his side as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring. Commentary notes that they’ll be confronted by Charlotte Flair after the commercial break.

Tom Congratulates Super Bowl LV Champions: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As we return from the commercial break we see pictures and highlights from Tom congratulating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for winning the NFL Super Bowl LV on Sunday. The Bucks were gifted a custom WWE Title belt. We then see a few shots of former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski in action. Tom also plugs Raymond James Stadium for WrestleMania 37.


Before we return to the ring, we see Damian Priest is backstage with rapper Bad Bunny, laughing about what he did to John Morrison last week. Priest vs. Angel Garza will take place tonight with Bunny at ringside.

In-Ring - Ric Flair w/ Lacey Evans

Finally we return to the ring where The Nature Boy has the mic, with Evans at his side. Flair begins as he says people out there are asking why he wants to be back in the mix. Flair reminds the WWE Universe that he takes orders from no woman, including his daughter Charlotte Flair (check his record). He goes on ranting about Charlotte and says he’s met someone who has all the physical qualifications and drive to be a star. All she needs is some motivation, knowledge and wisdom.

Flair does state that his daughter Charlotte may be the greatest female wrestler in WWE today but he’s still going to train Evans and they are in charge. Flair notes that his and Lacey's relationship is "just casual"... but if she comes under his charm, it’s to be expected. Flair serves notice to RAW Women’s Champion Asuka and says Evans will be the next champion.

At this point, Evans takes the mic and states people who think they know what is going on have no idea, adding they're a bunch of "nasties". Evans states she does think Ric is cute but she has nothing but respect for him and treats him like the living legend he is, unlike his daughter. Evans says she would NEVER talk to her daddy like that.

Charlotte Flair Heads To The Ring

Evans then continues to rant on until the music interrupts and out comes Charlotte to a pop. Charlotte poses on the ramp as the pyro goes off. As Ric goes to open the ropes for his daughter, Evans stops him.

Charlotte enters the ring and says if Evans really wanted to learn she’d take her ass to Orlando and train at the WWE Performance Center, but she just wants to leach off Charlotte and use her dad. Evans goes to speak but Charlotte quickly tells Lacey to "shut up". Charlotte has always said she wants her dad’s help but she’s been trying to add to the legacy for years. She doesn’t care who Ric manages, as long as he doesn’t bring her down with him.

Evans calls Charlotte "Char-Char" as she continues on to state she isn’t trying to take her place, she just wants to listen and learn from Ric. Evans asks why they can’t work together, why do they have to be enemies? Evans insults Asuka and says they should team up instead. Charlotte says she didn't come this far... to come this far.

Evans gets close to Ric and says her eyes are on the RAW Women’s Title. Flair mocks Evans voice. Evans reveals that Ric was told by WWE officials that Evans will earn a title shot if she can beat Charlotte. Charlotte wants to fight now but Ric doesn’t want them to. Evans sends Charlotte out of the ring with a cheap shot, then sends her into the steel stairs at ringside. Evans stands over Charlotte at ringside as Evans exclaims, "I accept the match you nasty!" as we head to commercial break.

Lacey Evans vs. Charlotte Flair

As we return from the commercial break, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match up is officially underway! Charlotte Flair immediately powers Lacey Evans into the corner of the ring. Flair begins working Evans over with thrusts. We see WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair stand at ringside as he watches on. Lacey looks to gain control as she strategically focuses on the injured shoulder and arm of Charlotte.

Evans snaps Flairs arm in the ropes following up by sweeping Flair's legs out before hitting a Slingshot Elbow Drop for the cover. Flair is able to kick out at the two. Charlotte quickly comes back with a Clothesline before Lacey crawls to the ropes and mocks Charlotte who hits a Fall Away Slam. Lacey rolls out of the ring to catch her breath and regroup as Ric Flair has her back. Charlotte heads in at Lacey, but Flair gets between the two.

Lacey then pulls Charlotte off of the apron as we go to commercial.

As we return from commercial break, Lacey has control of the match as she hits a Jawbreaker on Flair. Flair then counters an Armbar before Lacey hits a Clothesline that leads into a Neckbreaker for the cover. Charlotte kicks out once again at the two. Lacey looks for a Moonsault but Charlotte blocks by getting her feet up just in time. Back to her feet, Charlotte lands multiple chops on Lacey and drops her with a boot before Lacey rolls out of the ring.

Charlotte begins to argue with and gets distracted by her father at ringside before Lacey wrings her arm. Back inside the ring, Lacey looks for Flair's Figure Four! Charlotte counters into a Spear before beating Lacey down in the corner until the referee calls for the bell.

Winner By DQ: Lacey Evans

After the Match

Charlotte unloads on Evans in the corner some more as fans cheer her on. Ric comes in the ring and yells at her. Charlotte backs off and makes her exit as her music hits while Ric helps Evans up from the mat.

In-Ring - 2021 Men's Royal Rumble Winner: Edge

As we return to the ring, we hear the entrance theme for the 2021 Men's Royal Rumble Winner, The Rated-R Superstar... Edge! Edge makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring in regular attire with his hair pulled back and a microphone in hand as the WWE Universe waits in anticipation to see if Edge has made a decision on who he plans to go up against at Wrestlemania! Edge begins by stating that this last week was, "a helluva long one, but a fun one."

Edge continues on by stating that he is now left with a "conundrum" in who he wants to face at WrestleMania. Edge states that’s why he went to RAW, NXT, and SmackDown. He came face-to-face with all three WWE Champions. And he was ready to make a choice but now there’s a spanner in the works. Elimination Chamber is coming up and he has no idea who is walking out as the Champion. No offence to any guy in the match but he fancies his chances against all of them. He doesn’t fancy Drew’s chances. So it doesn’t make sense for him to make a decision until the dust settles from Elimination Chamber.

The Miz & John Morrison (...and Angel Garza) Interrupt

Before Edge can continue on, the entrance theme for The Miz, John Morrison sounds, and they make their way to the stage, accompanied by Angel Garza and the three superstars come down the ramp and into the ring. The Miz immediately begins to mock Edge. Miz tells Edge it doesn’t matter who Edge faces because regardless, he will be there with the Money In The Bank contract, and he will leave WrestleMania as WWE Champion.

Edge turns to Miz and asks if Miz knows who he is? He put the Money In The Bank on the map. He knows the second he lifts the title at WrestleMania, he will have to have eyes in the back of his head. But Miz came out here and just told him exactly what he plans to do? Edge says he’s thinking on a different level, operating on a different level, and he’s not content with being "awesome". He did that twenty years ago and Miz wants to be Champion, well he needs it. With that, we head to commercial break without an exact answer!

Damian Priest (w/ Bad Bunny) vs Angel Garza (w/ The Miz & John Morrison)

As we return from commercial break, we head to the ring where we get the entrance theme for Damian Priest as his opponent, Angel Garza, is already at ringside from before the break. With both opponents inside the ring, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and our next match up is officially underway! To start things off, the two go back and forth with strikes before Priest drops Garza.

Miz and Morrison distract Priest, allowing Garza to land a strike to the face followed by a Chokehold with the ropes on Priest to gain temporary control in the match-up. Miz and Morrison both land a cheap shot on Damian at ringside as Garza keeps the referee distracted as to not see the illegal action outside of the ring. We see Priest re-enter the ring as he lands a Running Back Elbow in the corner on Garza.

Once again, Priest is distracted by Miz and Morrison who won't seem to shut up. Garza dumps Priest out of the ring before Miz and Morrison are ejected and this time it's Garza that is distracted by Bad Bunny at ringside before he turns around and Priest hits him with The Reckoning for the three count pin and the win!

Winner: Damian Priest

Charly Caruso is backstage and she interviews Drew McIntyre, asking how he feels about the Elimination Chamber. Drew says it’s WrestleMania season, so you expect the unexpected. Just like what Sheamus did last week. He says he doesn’t get it because Sheamus could have just asked for a title match. But tonight he has to focus on Randy Orton, who might try and tear a muscle, break his jaw, who knows. Then there’s Miz with his briefcase, Edge with his Royal Rumble win, Sheamus attacking him, and people like Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles on his peripheral. You might think he would crack under the pressure but he welcomes to challenge.

Backstage - Bianca Belair

Charly Caruso asks Bianca Belair what she thinks about Lacey Evans taking on Charlotte Flair and winning the match with Asuka. Belair states that Evans isn't ready for Asuka, she isn't just the Empress of Tomorrow, she's the Empress of Right Now. Belair then states that as for making her decision for Wrestlemania, she is the smart-EST, so she isn’t making her decision hastily. Belair says she might pick Sasha Banks, but then again, she might pick Asuka.

Belair continues on to state that if she wants to put the EST in WrestleMania (hmmm... spell check anyone?) she needs to choose carefully. Suddenly, Asuka walks up and congratulates Bianca, but says winning the Rumble does not mean she’s ready for Asuka. Belair says with confidence that she is definitely ready for Asuka, but do you know who isn't? Lacey Evans isn't! The two proceed to dance together. Bianca then adds if Asuka handles her business at Elimination Chamber, she might be seeing a lot more of the EST, with that, she walks off.

Asuka just watches on as her smile fades and Belair takes her leave.

Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee

As we return to the ring, Matt Riddle is already inside the ring for tonight's match-up as we see a video clip from "Last Monday" where Bobby Lashley thrashed and flung Riddle around at ringside with the Hurt Lock causing Riddle to question where he was when he came to moments later. We return to the ring where Riddle has a serious look on his face after watching the highlights from last week.

Keith Lee's music sounds in the arena as Lee makes his way down the ramp and joins Riddle inside the ring. MVP is on guest commentary. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. A sign of respect as Riddle fist bumps Lee. An Arm Bar by Riddle, Lee lifts Riddle with ONE arm, shocking Riddle slightly as Lee lifts Riddle back to his feet. Lee tosses Riddle across the ring. MVP states Riddle is too dumb to realize he should be fearful with Lashley and even with Lee. Riddle jumps on Lee's back for a Sleeper Hold submission attempt.

Lee flips Riddle off his back. Riddle exits the ring momentarily, then slides back inside the ring. The two lock hands and Riddle gives it his all with Body Shots, powering Lee into the corner. Riddle runs in and Lee catches Riddle. Riddle keeps striking and kicking over and over. Lee explodes out of the corner and takes Riddle down with ease. Lee goes for the cover, Riddle kicks out at two. Lee lands a hard strike to the midsection of Riddle, and again. Double Chop to the chest of Riddle. Lee tosses Ruddke into the corner. The referee asks Riddle if he wants him to stop the match. A Big Right by Lee, and Riddle struggles to his feet, out of breath.

Big Forearm Shots and Lee continues to Drop Bombs. Paylay Kick has Lee wobbling. Riddle runs at Lee with a Superman Punch and looks for an Exploder on the 340lb Lee! Grizzly Magnum by Lee, Lee looks for a Spirit Bomb, Riddle with the Knee to the face of Lee, Lee is down! Riddle goes for the cover, Lee kicks out at one. Riddle with another Knee to the chest of Lee. Riddle to the top and a Floating Bro on Lee for the cover, Lee kicks out at two! A series of Brotons from the Original Bro! Riddle shouts "GET UP!" MVP mocks Riddle stating, "Finish him if you're that good!"

With effortless strength, Lee looks for a Spirit Bomb once again, but Riddle drops into an Arm Bar, Lee is taken down to one knee, Riddle holds on, Lee attempts to break by force. Lee sends Riddle into the turnbuckle. Riddle hits the Final Flash, Lee falls into the ropes and grabs Riddle with a Spirit Bomb for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Keith Lee

After the Match

Lee assists Riddle back to his feet and the two show good sportsmanship and respect. Suddenly Bobby Lashley attacks both men from behind. Lashley lifts Lee and drops him in the center of the ring, with a Spinebuster, his crazy eyes showing. Next, Lashley grabs Riddle in the Hurt Lock and shakes him senseless. Lashley turns to see Lee on the apron and he Spears him off.

Lashley goes out and slams Lee into the steps, then the ring post. Lashley grabs the steel steps and hits Lee in the face, sending him crashing over the announce desk. Lashley poses with the United States Championship on the announce table as The Hurt Business music sounds in the arena. We head to commercial break!

Video Package - Orton/McIntyre Feud

We return from break and are sent into a video package highlighting the ongoing feud between The Viper, Randy Orton and the current WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre. We are reminded that tonight's main event will see the two enter the ring one-on-one!

Backstage - Randy Orton

As the video ends, we head backstage where Randy Orton says he has "unfinished business" with Drew. Orton continues on to state that It’s a fact that Drew took the title from him, but it’s also a fact that he will be taking it back at Elimination Chamber. Orton adds that it’s no secret he will do whatever it takes to get the title, and this time is no different. He will kick any legend or set anyone on fire, whatever it takes. Tonight Drew gets re-introduced to the Legend Killer.

Tables Match
Nia Jax (with Shayna Baszler) vs. Lana

We return to the ring for our next match up of the evening as Nia Jax and Shayna already made their entrance to the ring and Jax awaits her opponent. Lana makes her way to the ring next. The referee signals for the bell in this match-up, the bell rings and this match is officially underway! Nia lifts Lana and hits a Towering Power Bomb!

Nia grabs Lana by her ponytail and lifts Lana again, driving Lana into the mat! Nia laughs and mocks Lana. Nia mocks Lana asking "Is this the leg you hurt?" Nia with an Elevated Stretch on the leg of Lana before slamming Lana face first into the bottom turnbuckle. Nia lifts Lana and tries to throw her out of the ring, Lana holds on to the top rope. Lana with multiple Kicks and a Switch Kick on Nia Jax! Jax slams Lana to the mat. "You thought you could handle ME?!"

Jax shakes Lana by her hair. Lana gets Nia over the top rope, hanging on the apron, but can't get Nia to release her grip. Jax looks for a Leg Drop on Lana on the apron, Lana rolls out of the way causing Nia to land hard on her tail bone. Nia flips the table at ringside and as she walks in pain trying to walk off her injury, Lana exits the ring and runs and shoves Nia into another table sending Nia through it for the win!

Winner: Lana!

After the Match

Naomi enters the ring to celebrate with Lana when suddenly Shayna Baszler enters the ring to attack from behind. Naomi quickly takes it to Shayna with a Kick off the ropes and sends Shayna out of the ring, shouting that Lana has a partner now! We head to commercial break!

RAW Talk Announcement

A quick announcement is made stating that Damian Priest, Bianca Belair and Mustafa Ali will be on RAW Talk right after tonight's WWE Monday Night RAW!

Naomi vs. Shayna Baszler

As we return to the ring, an impromptu match-up between Baszler and Naomi is announced as the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this match is underway! Shayna quickly manipulates the shoulder and elbow of Naomi as the fans clap and cheer Naomi on to assist her out of the hold. We see Lana at ringside watching on, as commentary notes Nia Jax was taken to the back for medical assistance following the tables match from before the break!

Naomi side steps sending Baszler into the corner. Naomi quickly builds momentum and sends Baszler to the canvas. Naomi with an Open Palm Strike. Naomi with a take down, both women back to their feet, Naomi gets put in the Kirafuda Clutch. Naomi flips over and grabs the bottom rope forcing the break. The referee begins the count as Baszler exits the ring and attacks Lana telling her to "learn her place!" Baszler looks to re-enter the ring, Naomi grabs Baszler quickly and rolls her up for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Naomi!

After the Match

Naomi quickly exits the ring and she celebrates her victory as she sits next to Lana who was just attacked by Baszler seconds prior.

Video Package

The commentary team at the announcer's table note the Elimination Chamber match that is set to take place on the road to Wrestlemania. As the video package begins, we are reminded that each door is lifted at random and each opponent can only be eliminated by pin-fall or submission. No one leaves the Elimination Chamber the same. We see clips from previous years and then quick flashes of each of the competitors for this year's match.

Randy Orton vs. WWE Champion Drew McIntyre

"I hear voices in my head..." Randy Orton makes his way to the stage as her entrance theme sounds over the speakers in the ThunderDome II. We are reminded that this year's Elimination Chamber Match will be the A-Pex Predator's EIGHTH time in the chamber as his music plays and Orton makes his way to the ring. As The Viper enters the ring, he stares into the camera before climbing the turnbuckle for his pose. We head to commercial break.

As we return from commercial break, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre's entrance theme sounds in the ThunderDome II as McIntyre makes his way to the stage. McIntyre then makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with tonight's opponent, Randy Orton. The referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and this main event match up is officially underway! To start things off, both superstars immediately head in at one another and they lock up. Orton tries for an early RKO, McIntyre blocks.

McIntyre then looks for a Claymore Kick, but this time, Orton is able to avoid the move, and quickly exits the ring to regroup. Commentary notes these two are no strangers in the ring and know how the other thinks. Orton returns to the ring and tries to rush McIntyre who is already waiting for Orton and delivers a heavy strike.

McIntyre looks for Orton's Second Rope Draping DDT to no avail. McIntyre rocks Orton until suddenly out of nowhere, Sheamus’ music hits and out comes Sheamus, running down to ringside. McIntyre turns to look at his former best friend when suddenly Orton takes advantage of the distraction and attacks McIntyre from behind. McIntyre is sent into the ring post. Orton runs McIntyre on the apron again, sending him into the opposite ring post. Drew goes down on the floor and he’s upset as we head to commercial break.

As we return from the commercial break, we see Orton has control of the match as he tosses McIntyre through the ropes to the floor, right at Sheamus's feet. Orton slams McIntyre face-first into the announce table before slamming McIntyre on top of it as the referee begins the count. At this point, Orton brings it back in the ring and goes for the cover on McIntyre. McIntyre is able to kick out, for a close 2 count. Orton lands a Headlock. McIntyre kips-up and stares at the camera before kicking Orton and looking for a Future Shock but Orton counters with a roll-up for two.

McIntyre hits a Neckbreaker on Orton before following up with a massive Spinebuster. Finally McIntyre lands a Jacknife for the cover, Orton kicks out at the two. McIntyre heads up top, but Orton meets McIntyre with several punches followed by a Superplex for the cover. McIntyre kicks out at two and the match continues. At this point, Orton drags Drew through the ropes and hits the draping DDT, then prepares for the RKO.

As Orton looks for the RKO, McIntyre catches him with the Future Shock DDT! McIntyre looks annoyed, and he lines-up a Claymore but Sheamus runs in and inadvertently hits Orton with a Brogue Kick. Drew quickly follows-up with a Claymore to Sheamus! This causes the referee to call for the bell...

Winner by DQ: Randy Orton

After the Match

Immediately following the match, we see McIntyre return to hit a Claymore on Sheamus. The WWE Champion's music hits as he stands tall with the WWE Title held high in the air. Orton and Sheamus are laid out inside the ring as RAW goes off the air.

**That's all folks! Be sure to return Tuesday for IMPACT Wrestling Results, and on Wednesday for WWE NXT Results with yours truly! As always, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay awesome! RUSH OUT!!**

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