Tommy Dreamer responds to The Undertaker calling the WWE product 'soft'

Tommy Dreamer responds to The Undertaker calling the WWE product 'soft'

The Undertaker has been the main topic of discussion lately after 'Phenom' admitted to 'The Joe Rogan Experience' that they believe today's WWE product is a bit softer than it used to be. Several wrestlers have expressed their opinion on the words of the 'Deadman', who last year announced his final retirement from the scene after WrestleMania 36.

The Gravedigger received a final tribute from the federation at the Survivor Series, where 30 years ago he started on what turned out to be the most iconic career of all time. In an interview with 'IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass', former WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer responded with great clarity when asked to compare wrestling today with that of the older generation.

Speaking today on the IMPACT Wrestling Press Pass, Tommy Dreamer was asked about The Undertaker's comments on today's WWE product, and The Innovator of Violence had plenty to stay.

Tommy Dreamer on The Undertaker

“There are times when I watch WWE today and I am perplexed.

But this is also true when I see AEW or Impact a few times. We are all different. D’Lo Brown and I could watch the exact same match and have opposite opinions, they are simply different judgments. I often see meetings from the 1970s on Amazon Prime and I realize how different the product was compared to today.

It is not correct to say which is better and which is worse, they are two different things. This discourse is applicable to almost any sport. Life progresses and it is normal for there to be an evolution in all sectors " - he explained.

Tommy Dreamer also spoke about the future of CM Punk, which many hope to see back in the ring one day or another. “If CM Punk is happy with his current status, he's fine. If Vince McMahon and Triple H don't have a problem with what he does, there should be no further development.

Punk has come to a point in his life that the most important aspect is that he is happy. I honestly don't think he's going to go back to WWE ”- Tommy said. While many people are critical of today's WWE product, Dreamer was quick to remind everyone that with the amount of money that Vince McMahon is currently making off the WWE, they must be doing something right.

“I have to tell you this. Vince McMahon received a billion dollars for his product on one day, so whatever he’s doing, he’s doing better than everybody on this call. I can’t knock somebody who gets a billion dollars for their stuff. I’ve worked with Vince McMahon, I personally have no issues with Vince McMahon”.

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