WWE News: D'Von Dudley Says Today's Wrestler's Are 'Disrespectful' & 'Rude'

One of the biggest topics of conversation in the wrestling community at the moment is how today’s WWE stars compare to those of the past. The Undertaker recently claimed that modern wrestlers are too “soft,” which has caused some controversy and spurred debate. D’Von Dudley went one step further with his opinion, however, claiming that contemporary performers are “disrespectful.”

In the latest episode of his Table Talk podcast, by way of WrestlingNews.co, Dudley claimed that his generation had an “attitude” during their rookie days. At the same time, he also said that they weren’t “rude” to the legends, unlike today’s performers.

However, he made sure to give a shout out to the modern stars who supposedly handle themselves in the correct manner by respecting those who paved the way for them. Overall, though, he didn’t have kind things to say.

“[One] thing I will say about my generation is that we respect those that came before us. That’s one of the problems that we have with a lot of young talent. Darren (Young), along with a host of other guys, and I’m just going to name them, Drew McIntyre, Rusev, and Sheamus, they always had respect for the older talent that came in and always wanted to pick our brains. It was great being in the locker room with those guys. It really was.”

D'Von Dudley pounces on Bray Wyatt

The retired veteran has discussed these issues in the past, though his latest comments seemed much more personal than they were before. As documented Wrestling Inc, he talked about other veterans being disrespected by their younger counterparts, but he insisted that he and Bubba Ray Dudley — his former tag team partner — were never on the receiving end of it.

Of course, it’s possible that his position on the matter has shifted since then. Dudley still works in WWE as a producer, which brings him into contact with the current generation on a regular basis. He may have experienced some issues with them in recent years.

Dudley isn’t the only Hall of Famer to lambast the newer crop of stars. As The Inquisitr pointed out on Thursday, Bill Goldberg said that they are soft and encouraged them to develop “thicker skin.” According to the former Universal Champion — who will face McIntyre at this Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view — they’re also too easily offended.

He also insisted that he’s earned his privileged position as a part-timer and lashed out at modern performers who criticize him for taking their spot.

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