Shaquille O'Neal Challenges Former WWE Star Cody Rhodes To Wrestling Match

Forget The Great Khali, there's a new tallest wrestler in town.

Shaquille O'Neal has called out Cody Rhodes, challenging the former WWE star to a wrestling match in March.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaq is no stranger to wrestling fans.

He has made a number of cameo appearances in the WWE before, most notably entering a Battle Royal at Wrestlemania 32.

There was even talks that he would take on fellow heavyweight Big Show at another Wrestlemania event.

Shaq's love for wrestling has never been doubted, so when tensions started to rise between the four-time NBA champion and ex-WWE star Cody Rhodes it was only natural for the two to do battle in the ring at some point down the line.

And after Rhodes' wife Brandi recently dubbed Shaq an "overgrown assh***", the big man had heard enough.

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During a live broadcast of the AEW Awards, Shaq looked down the camera lense and said: "Cody Rhodes, you little punk.You want a battle?

"Just name the time and the day. I'll be there, you little punk with your blonde hair. Look like a little girl.

"You want some of the Shaq Attack? Name the place. As a matter of fact, let's do it in March. How about that?"

And it didn't take long for Rhodes to respond.

He retweeted a video of the call-out, captioning it: "(deep breath) Let's be serious here... with the utmost respect, I would eat this guy alive in the ring."

Even legendary rapper Snoop Dogg chined in, adding: "Yo i gotta see this, two of the homies goin head to head!"

Now whether you're a wrestling fan or not, the prospect of seeing 7-foot-1-inch Shaq step foot in the ring surely tickles your fancy just a little bit.

Max Sherry

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