Huge Stardew Valley Mod Completely Overhauls Cooking Mechanics

Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's Stardew Valley quickly took the world of indie games by storm in 2016. However, there's only so much that a solo-developer can do, even over the course of four years, so now that many players have their hands on Stardew Valley the modding community has begun to leave its own mark on the game.

One of these modders, going by bblueberry on Nexus Mods, has already released a number of ways to update and customize the experience in Stardew Valley. The newest of these mods includes a complete overhaul of the game's cooking mechanic, brining all new types of meals and quality of life changes to the feature.

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Titled The Love of Cooking, bblueberry's new mod updates the cooking menu, giving players a cookbook that allows them to search for recipes and have more control over how they interact with meals and ingredients. The major improvements to Stardew Valley include allowing players to pick and choose if gold-star ingredients are automatically used when cooking, as well as giving players the opportunity to cook up to nine meals at a time. Aside from these quality of life changes, the mod also adds a whole new set of recipes along with revamped features that extend outside of the general cooking mechanic.

love of cooking menu

An interesting new addition that The Love of Cooking brings to Stardew Valley's relationship mechanics is a Cooking skill that can make cooked food offer better health and relationship rewards. There are other advantages to cooking levels as well, such as increasing the sell price of meals. However, a number of these new ideas completely alter the importance and impact of the mechanic. Beyond this, the mod has tons of new features it introduces that go far beyond the initial state of the game, giving players the chance to explore an entirely new aspect that the standard version doesn't touch on.

love of cooking skills

The modding community for any game can be a huge part of how players interact with it, as well as how well a title resonates with players, since modders likely won't make these types of improvements on a game they don't play. Having a modding community in Stardew Valley that is passionate about the game enough to provide an overhaul like The Love of Cooking really speaks to how much players enjoy what the base game already provides.

However, having the game in the hands of players can also be a great way to bring certain aspects to new heights that might otherwise get ignored. For long-time fans of the game, creators like bblueberry can make the whole experience that much better.

Stardew Valley is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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Source: Nexus Mods

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