Watch: Jaylon Smith hit has Eagles sending tape to NFL for dirty hit

The Cowboys don’t have a reputation as a dirty team, but for the second time in the 2020 season, one of their players may have notably crossed the line. It’s not uncommon around the NFL for it to happen as it’s an emotional, violent game played by gladiators. Still, it does shock a play made by a member of the team is considered dirty.

Earlier in the season, second-year defensive tackle Trysten Hill pulled a gator roll on Seattle Seahawks RB Chris Carson, causing the back to miss a few games. On Sunday, LB Jaylon Smith was involved in a play some feel may have had bad intentions. Eagles head coach Doug Pederson said he is submitting the late third-quarter play to the league for review.

On the 2nd-and-10 play with 0:34 remaining, the Cowboys were up 30-17 with the Eagles in Dallas territory following Andy Dalton’s interception to Darius Slay. From the 28-yard line, the Eagles call a draw and Smith engages with the pulling left tackle, Jordan Mailata.

Mailata approaches gingerly, and before turning his attention back inside to where the play is happening, Smith delivers a blow to Mailata’s head.

The Eagles were flagged for holding on the play, but if the league agrees with Pederson’s assessment, there may be a fine heading Smith’s way.


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