IMPACT Wrestling Results: Winners, Grades and Reaction from December 1

Credit: Impact Wrestling

Driven by world title aspirations, "The Ultimate Finesser" Chris Bey battled familiar foe, and Impact champion Rich Swann's best friend, Willie Mack in Tuesday's main event.

Disrespect from Bey early ignited a spark in Mack that manifested itself in the form of punishing blows to the smaller competitor. An infuriated Mack punished Bey, forcing him to the sanctuary of the Impact Zone floor, where he capitalized with a kick to the face. Mack shook it off and delivered a sidewalk slam onto the ring apron.

During the break, Bey seized control, targeting the left knee of his opponent and taking away the bigger man's base.

Mack finally created separation and mounted a comeback but in doing so further injured his own knee. In clear pain despite a near-fall, he sought to fight through it. Bey countered a stunner attempt into a roll-up. A sunset flip bomb followed, but Bey could not keep Mack down for the count.

The resilient babyface fought through, delivered the stunner and earned the win.

As he celebrated his hard-fought victory, Mack fell prey to the spear from Moose, who attacked from out of nowhere. World champion Rich Swann made the save, driving the self-proclaimed TNA champion out of the ring. Bey delivered a springboard cutter from out of nowhere and stood tall to close out the show.



Mack defeated Bey






If you had mentioned at the beginning of 2020 that Impact Wrestling would near the end of the year with Rich Swann, Chris Bey, Willie Mack and Moose in the world title picture, you may have been greeted with more than a few cocked eyebrows.

That is where the company is, though, and it is incredibly refreshing.

Here are four immensely talented wrestlers of different styles and backgrounds, all vying for a major world title. Size doesn't matter, nor does athleticism or who has the proverbial "look." What matters is that four of the workhorses of Impact Wrestling here in 2020 are seeing their tireless efforts manifest in the form of a high-profile position in the company.

Sure, the money match is clearly Swann vs. Moose, but Bey and Mack have been so steadily good for the company over the last six months that even one big main event opportunity has been well-earned.

With Final Resolution just 11 days away, do not be surprised if a four-way of sorts is announced for that show. Or, at the very least, a three-way between Swann, Mack and Bey as the promotion continues to build to Moose's title opportunity.

If you are a fan of fresh and exciting, the conclusion of this show was for you.

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