10 Current WWE Wrestlers Worthy Of Headlining A Hall Of Fame Class

While many fans like to claim that WWE is nowhere near as great as it was in the good old days, the truth is that there are still a ton of wrestlers in the company who are among the best of all-time. As a matter of fact, a lot of today's active superstars are going to one day become a WWE Hall of Fame member, and there is no questioning their qualifications.

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With The Undertaker recently retiring, the last of the early '90s WWE superstars have finished up their careers. However, since the end of the Attitude Era and start of the Ruthless Aggression Era, there are a ton of stars who will go down among the best in history, and many of them have the right to headline their own WWE Hall of Fame class.

10 Randy Orton

Randy Orton

There is no doubt that the second that Randy Orton decides to end his in-ring professional wrestling career, he will be a first-ballot WWE Hall of Fame inductee. No one will be good enough to headline that year outside of Orton himself.

Orton is a 14-time world champion, with every title won in WWE. Only John Cena and Ric Flair won more world titles. He also won the Royal Rumble twice and has competed in two different WrestleMania main events.

9 Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan

Throughout his time in the company, WWE has tried to discount everything that Daniel Bryan has achieved in his career. Despite wanting to push other stars, fans forced the company's hand to make Bryan the top star.

Before coming to WWE, Bryan was considered one of the best wrestlers on the planet, and then he came to WWE and became a five-time world champion against all odds. There are a couple of names that could headline a WWE Hall of Fame class over Bryan, but he deserves it.

8 The Miz

The Miz

No one would have thought The Miz would become a WWE Hall of Fame superstar during his early years in the company. Fans disrespected him, and there is still a large number that doesn't give him the respect he deserves.

The Miz is one of the best modern-day heels in WWE and has achieved almost everything a person could in the ring. He is a former world champion and has won 19 total titles in WWE, including the Intercontinental Championship eight times.

7 Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar

The year that Brock Lesnar enters the WWE Hall of Fame, no one else will matter. The man has done everything a person can do in WWE, and from his debut to his last appearance, there was not a person who seemed like a bigger star in the industry than Lesnar.

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Lesnar is an eight-time world champion and is the only man in history to win the WWE Championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship. He is a true superstar and no one could overshadow him at the WWE Hall of Fame.

6 Big Show

Big Show

The first man to ever gain induction into the WWE Hall of Fame was Andre the Giant. When Big Show finally decides to stop wrestling and hang up his boots, he will join Andre in the Hall as one of the true great giants in professional wrestling history.

There is a chance he does not headline if he goes in the same year as a Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar. However, there are plenty of chances for Big Show to headline his own class, and the seven-time world champion deserves it.

5 Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio is still going strong today, as he has now brought his son Dominik into the sport to follow in his legendary footsteps. However, when it comes to his legacy, Mysterio will stand the test of time as the man who really brought the Lucha style to WWE and achieved the most success of anyone who came before or after him.

Mysterio, at only 5 ft. 6 in., is a three-time world champion and the ultimate underdog. As a Latino superhero, Mysterio deserves to headline the WWE Hall of Fame when he retires.

4 Sheamus


Sheamus still has a ways to go before he retires. That is good news because a couple of years ago, it looked like he would have to retire early because of serious injuries. Since his last return, Sheamus has been going strong and still looks like a superstar.

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Sheamus is a four-time world champion and the first Irish world champion in WWE history. He has also won the tag team titles five times, all with Cesaro, and is one of the company's best brawlers. There are also his United States Title reign, King of the Ring win, and Royal Rumble victory to take into account. Even if he doesn't headline, he is a shoo-in for the WWE Hall of Fame.

3 Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy

There was no doubt that the Hardy Boyz were a guaranteed lock for the WWE Hall of Fame. That chance seemed to disappear when Matt Hardy left the company to help AEW grow, and his chances dissipated quickly. However, Jeff Hardy chose to re-sign with WWE, and if everything goes right, he could retire there.

If that happens, Jeff is a guaranteed Hall of Fame superstar and is good enough to headline a class in the right year. He is a three-time world champion, five-time IC champion, and nine-time tag team champion.

2 Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston looked like a lifetime mid-card talent until 2019. That was the year that the long-time WWE superstar finally stepped up and won the world championship from Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania. At that point, he proved he was a true legend and a bonafide Hall of Fame star.

He won the Intercontinental and United States Titles on multiple occasions and is a 13-time tag team champion. Kofi deserves a Hall of Fame induction all his own, but don't be surprised to see New Day headline their own class one day.

1 John Cena

John Cena

Is John Cena still an active wrestler? He has not retired and has said that he still plans to return to WWE when the time is right in the future. He is a lot like The Rock, although he is likely to wrestle more matches in the future than The Rock.

If Cena retires, the only men who could headline a Hall of Fame over him are The Rock and Undertaker. Outside of those two, Cena will own his own WWE Hall of Fame class as a 16-time world champion.

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