WATCH: Cody reveals to fans after Dynamite that he can now be called 'Cody Rhodes'

During the AEW Dynamite post-show on FITE TV, Cody announced that he is now allowed to use the Cody Rhodes name.

It was not explained why he is now able to use the name but it likely has to do with WWE recently canceling the trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Rhodes said, “As of this morning, I no longer have just one name. Whether Justin Roberts says it or not, it feels really good to be Cody Rhodes again!”

Cody also recently abandoned “The Match Beyond” and “Slamboree” trademarks so it looks like there may have been a compromised reached for Rhodes to be allowed to use his name in return for giving up attempts to register WCW trademarks.

During the final segment of this week’s AEW Dynamite Cody was referred to as Cody Rhodes.

For those of you that missed it, click below to see the amazing Cody Rhodes promo on Darby Allin that ended this week’s Dynamite.

Here is the post-show announcement from Rhodes about his name:

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