Various News: WWE Not Using Term 'Codebreaker', Kevin Nash In New Indie Film About COVID ...

– According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is still advising the commentary team not to use the term ‘Codebreaker’ as an effort to distance the company from Chris Jericho. As such, when Asuka used the move on RAW this past Monday, it was called a “face breaker.”

– In a post on Twitter, Ember Moon expressed disappointment with herself.

She wrote: “remember ember remember…. And people wonder why I have never had the urge to be in a tag team… disappointed in myself for trusting anyone but myself. These hussies ain’t loyal! My list for receipts are getting longer and I hate it!

– Kevin Nash is set to star in independent film called COVID-19: Invasion.

Here’s a synopsis from IMDB: “Chinese bats invade America. It’s up to Navy Seal Team Six to stop them.

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