Trevor Murdoch says that being backstage in the WWE is tense


Former WWE wrestler Trevor Murdoch has revealed what it was like to be backstage in WWE.

Speaking to Lucha Libre Online, Trevor Murdoch spoke about how it was always tense backstage in the WWE. He also explained how the atmosphere surrounding the company could not be judged based off of what happened backstage. Murdoch touched on his time working with Harley Race too.

Trevor Murdoch described what it was like backstage when working for a multi-million dollar company like the WWE, and how it was just 56 individuals trying their best not to annoy each other.

He also suggested that WWE as a work environment could not be judged just off of what happened backstage, as there was huge difference between WWE tapings and the house shows. He revealed all this and more in an interview with Michael Morales Torres.

"It's a tense situation in the back. You're working for a multi-million dollar company and it's tv day and you have 56 people running around with their heads cut off trying to make sure that they don't piss off or fuck up something. So there's a lot of tension on Mondays and not only with talent but also with production and Riders and so it's not the best environment to make a complete judgment on the company in the backstage stuff."

WWE was a lot more jovial and fun when working house shows

Trevor Murdoch also provided a glimpse as to what it was like working with the WWE on house shows. He suggested that there was a stark contrast between working backstage during a taping and working backstage during a live show.


He believes that the atmosphere was a lot more jovial and fun when working backstage at a house show, as there was no added pressure of being live on TV in front of millions.

"Because you get to House shows and guys would be jovial and fun and relaxed because there wasn't that pressure of the TV and millions of watching. There was just the the seven to ten thousand people that we were going to be wrestling front of it in the house shows."

Despite Murdoch's claims that WWE's house shows were more relaxed and fun, he did not forget to remind viewers that working for the WWE was nonetheless a stressful job, although there was always a cause for it.

"It's a tough environment man and it's a stressful one, but there's a cause for it. Some of those guys are going out there and making ideas and moments that are going to last forever. It's nerve-racking. There's a lot of stress there."


Many of us dream of working with the WWE, but we ignore the fact that such a high-profile job comes with a lot of downfalls as well. However, it seems as if Trevor Murdoch believes that there is an upside to working in an environment as stressful as the WWE.

You can read more about what Trevor Murdoch had to say here.

Published 30 Nov 2020, 09:41 IST

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