Thunder Rosa Returns to AEW at Full Gear, Calls out Serena Deeb

Serena Deeb successfully retained the NWA World Women's Championship during The Buy-In Kickoff for AEW Full Gear against Allysin Kay. Her celebration was short-lived, as Thunder Rosa's music hit and the former champ made her way out to the ring. The two traded words before Rosa left, indicating she wants a rematch for the NWA title.

When Rosa dropped the title in late October reports started popping up that she was leaving the NWA to sign with WWE. Those reports were quickly shot down by NWA president Billy Corgan, who said she's still working with them until 2021.

Rosa then appeared on Busted Open Radio, where she left the door open to sign with AEW.

"I am signed with NWA and have another year with them," Rosa said. "When it's my time, it's gonna be my time. When my time comes, I'm not going to come as just another person on the roster, mark my words. I'm coming for everything and I'm coming to be on top, just like I did this first time. My value is going to be bigger because I'm going to be a better wrestler, cut better promos, my body is going to be chiseled, I'm going to have a better MMA record. I'm gonna be like, 'This is all I have to offer, what do you have to offer me?' That's what I want when I go to a bigger company. I want them to want me.

"Because of all the projects I have on the side, it has to be a place where I'm able to continue working on what I'm working on. If I'm able to do it with NWA, then NWA," she added. "If I'm able to do it with AEW, probably. Now knowing what WWE is doing with things we have on the side, it's going to be very difficult for me to work on my personal projects. Sometimes, those personal projects are the things that bring you the most joy in life. I don't want that joy to be taken away from money. If that's what I have to sacrifice, I'd rather be happy than be a slave."

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