Rusev reveals WWE buried and fined him for cutting hair

Rusev reveals WWE buried and fined him for cutting hair

After taking the sensational leap from one federation to another, and going to work for WWE's number one competitor, All Elite Wrestling (AEW), Lana's husband, Rusev (who now works under the name of Miro in the AEW rings), is back talking.

several times of his long stint in the McMahon rings, pausing to talk in recent days also about the behavior that the management is having towards his wife Lana, at the moment the protagonist of a very strange storyline that sees her destroying a comment table by the hand every week by Nia Jax.

Before moving on to work with the competition, however, Rusev was literally treated fish in the face by the McMahons, with the management relegating him to some truly embarrassing storylines, such as the last one with his wife and Bobby Lashley, or before that when he was treated simply as a jobber, in several matches in which he only had to overrule his opponent.

Rusev reveals WWE buried and fined him for cutting hair

Interviewed by Chris Jericho on his podcast, Talk is Jericho, the former superstar WWE Rusev also recalled when WWE fined him for cutting his hair without first asking for permission from management, with Miro in fact recounting: "I cut my hair because there was nothing coming for me.

They had made me lose in every way, one day and the other as well. I was undergoing a shoulder operation. I came back for just one match and they made me do a Big Show Chokeslam 4 times and then seven more Chokeslam and they tried to convince me that they were protecting my character.

Come on man. I'm not that stupid. Okay because I love Big Show. He sent me over when needed so I returned the favor when they told me. Who cares? I'm not that kind of guy. All they had to do was say 'We need you to take 3 Chokeslam and a punch, one, two and three' Great, I will.

They gave me an endless lecture about my hair. They said 'How dare you? How could you? Why didn't you ask? ' Sorry, I'll ask next time." After paying a hefty fine to the Stamford-based company, which had already prepared gadgets and characters for the upcoming video games, Rusev ended up in rather difficult oblivion to get out of, with the Bulgarian McMahon who was eventually also released in the wave of layoffs in April, with his departure from WWE had been a bit taken for granted for several months.

WWE has certain edicts that superstars must strictly follow or else they’d have to deal with consequences. They decided in which certain way, one superstar can look like. Without their permission, it’s not a smart thing to change up looks and Rusev did the same mistake. Video game images, action figures, and other marketing strategies come into play behind this ethic.

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