Rookie Diaries: Chase Claypool can't lose

The young Canadian has yet to experience a loss in the NFL.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on a roll, and one of the reasons for that is the play of rookie star Chase Claypool.

At 8-0, the Steelers have established themselves as the team to beat in the NFL. Claypool's contributions have been widely reported, with the 22-year-old Canadian's four-touchdown game last month against the Eagles serving as his breakout performance.

As the only undefeated team in the NFL, the Steelers have earned the right to talk a little trash. Claypool has not shied away from the banter, even taking to Twitter after Pittsburgh's 28-24 win over the Ravens on Nov. 1 for some good-natured gloating.

On the latest episode of "Rookie Diaries," Claypool explained that he knew back in training camp that this year's Steelers would be a special team.

"[The feeling] started to prove itself after every week," Claypool told DAZN host Adnan Virk. "Obviously we just had a close game against Dallas [in Week 9] but I think that just shows the resilience of our team and the resilience of other teams as well, so you can't take anyone for granted. It's cool that we're continuing to win but we just gotta keep that up throughout the season."

Claypool stated that even though he's had a good rookie year in terms of receptions and touchdowns, he knows that not every game is going to be the same. There are going to be weeks in which his personal stats will be less impressive than he's become accustomed to — as they did against the Titans in a 27-24 victory on Week 7 — and that's OK as long as the team is successful, he said.

"Some of those games you want to feed other people the ball and we've got to find people active in the game ... for the growth of our team," Claypool said "[I'm] not saying that I was always the No. 1 guy, but if I'm not getting the ball I'm just happy that someone else is eating. As long as someone else is doing well then I'm alright with it."

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