Retribution Delivers Strong Message by Hacking WWE's Twitter Account

“My name is Mustafa Ali, and this is Retribution.” WWE’s latest faction and its charismatic leader took over WWE’s Twitter account. Mustafa Ali confirmed the hacking of the account on his Instagram account as well.

Retribution is trying to restore its credibility

Retribution was out to make an impact when they first debuted. The group’s momentum fizzled, and they were totally disregarded as a threat once the Fiend arrived on Raw. They are now doing everything they can to restore their credibility.

“You forgot us, you abandoned us, you hated us”, said Ali. The leader’s words are true, and he promised to bring out the truth. The high flyer has promised to expose WWE’s secrets, and the hacking of the Twitter account was just a part of it.

Retribution members promise ‘Reckoning’

Reckoning, aka NXT’s Mia Yim, finally revealed her true identity in her monologue. “You cheered for me, you wanted me here”, said Reckoning. At the Mae Young Classic, Yim was a fan favorite and fans chanted ‘Please sign Mia’. This led to Triple H walking out and offering her a contract.

She accused the WWE Universe of forgetting her and promised a day of ‘Reckoning’ for the women’s division. Mace, who was formerly Raw commentator Dio Maddin, was next to speak. He talked about how he had an opportunity to stand up for what’s right.

He was obviously talking about his confrontation with Brock Lesnar in 2019. Lesnar planted Maddin with a devastating F5 through the announcer’s table. Mace promised to right the wrong that he was trying to stand up against.

A band of rejected wrestlers

Slapjack was next to deliver his sermon on his failed NXT career. Shane Thorne was not a very exciting prospect for the yellow brand, but was an exceptional performer. Yet, he was underutilized, which led to him finding an opportunity with Retribution.

The former Dominik Dijakovic had quite a career ahead of him. T-Bar talked about how he was betrayed by Keith Lee and Triple H in NXT. Lee and Dijakovic were best friends in NXT, and Dominik was taken out by Karrion Kross during his rivalry with Lee.

Retribution claims to hold the pen that writes the destiny of WWE. If the pen runs out of ink, they will use their blood to make their point even more emphatically. They will do everything to shut down the WWE and their corrupt practices.

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