Pat McAfee on working without a script in NXT


On WWE's main roster, there are very few people right now, if any, that are allowed to go out to the ring with a live microphone and cut a promo without the use of a script. There isn't nearly as much micro-managing in NXT.

The former punter of the Indianapolis Colts, Pat McAfee is a perfect example of a talent that doesn't need to be handed a script and be told what to say and do on NXT. McAfee's NXT feud with Adam Cole and the rest of the Undisputed Era this year has been proof of that.

Pat McAfee on WWE NXT letting him work without a script

On Sirius XM this Thursday, McAfee joined Busted Open Radio with hosts Dave LeGreca and Bully Ray to talk about how his time in NXT has gone so far. They also talked about how he's enjoying the creative process of being part of the black and gold brand of WWE.

During the interview, Bully brought up the fact that he doesn't feel like McAfee is actually out there cutting a promo when fans see him on NXT. Instead, it seems to him like he's just saying whatever comes off the top of his head and that it appears to come across as easy for him on NXT. McAfee had this to say in response:

"Uhh, easy is interesting, because if you ever listen to my show, my show is a three hour promo, right, like that's what my show is, is a three hour promo. I've done stand up like 27 times in theaters, I sold out a 6000 seat theater in like 10 seconds here in Indiana. And it's a 97 minute promos what I do, right. So, I think the way I was baptized into entertainment was the Monday night wars in through wrestling.
"So I think the way I speak in the way I think is just naturally a promo style of thinking and speaking, so I don't want to say it comes easy, right, because I think I've realized from watching other people and everything like that, that it is a very difficult thing, but my dumb ass brain happens to be wired in a fashion that it does feel very very natural for me to go out there and say and everything true like it's a lot easier to say things that are true as opposed to having to make things up so for me it's just, it has come easy.
"I understand like but that is not an easy thing to do, like I have a lot of respect for the people that are great on microphones, I don't think it's easy, but I think my dumb ass brain is wired in the fashion to be able to do said thing that is why I've always said like I think I'm supposed to be in this business, because that's how my brain operates."

LaGreca commented that NXT allowing McAfee just be himself is good business. She also said how something like this would never be allowed to happen on the main roster. McAfee had this to say in response:


"I've heard that a lot, by the way, from a lot of people, a lot of people have told me like like hey some other places this might not be great for you, or whatever and I'm like that's cool with me, because NXT folks were the only people that gave me an opportunity anyways. You know like I think I've had over 750,000 followers, I've had my own show, I have my own merch, since I retired I've done stand up comedy tours.
"I've said that I was a wrestling fan, I used to go to these shows. I used to go to independent shows wherever they came to Indianapolis and Morgantown, that's how I got hooked up with the IWA East Coast, and then that's in Indianapolis I'd go to RAW and SmackDown or whatever, and they would show all of my teammates except for me, but I was the one that was actually getting them there, right, so it's like NXT and Mr H are really the only people that ever been like, hey, we want you in our community. You know what I mean?
"So, it's been very, very cool. I owe them a lot of gratitude, obviously, and it's my job to go out there and hopefully make people either hate me or be entertained and then whenever it's time to fight put on a g**d*** show, Dave."

You can catch McAfee every Wednesday night on the USA Network for WWE NXT.

Published 15 Nov 2020, 06:38 IST

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