“Nobody has drawn as much money as the Undertaker” – Kevin Sullivan believes lack of kayfabe is ...

Kevin Sullivan believes lack of kayfabe is hurting wrestling and uses the Undertaker as an example as to why the current generation would be better off with it.

Kayfabe has long died in the world of wrestling. Gone are the days when fans thought everything they saw on TV was real. The performers themselves have often acknowledged that it isn’t and they’re just people portraying a character on television.

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This is very different from how wrestling was barely two decades back when the performers would go to extreme lengths to suspend disbelief among their viewers. Former wrestler and WCW booker Kevin Sullivan believes that the current generation would be much ‘better off’ if they had a similar mindset.

Kevin Sullivan believes lack of kayfabe is hurting wrestling

“These kids are the greatest athletes of any generation,” Sullivan told VOC Nation’s In the Room Podcast. “They’re fabulous… Look at the guy who has drawn the most money in the history of wrestling. Nobody has drawn as much money as the Undertaker for as long as he’s gone, ever. Ever.

“Just this year he decided to get on social media. Do you think guys that have great matches (are supposed to) get on social media and say ‘brother we had a barn burner tonight, it was wonderful, thank you very much, see you next week.’

“I mean it’s like going to a movie – the willing suspension of disbelief… The problem I have, is because they are much more talented – they are so far above our generation – if they would watch what they would say a little they would be better off. That’s my opinion and everybody has an opinion.”

Sullivan also claimed that the Undertaker, as a booker, could fix WWE’s TV ratings.

“If I was Vince McMahon, I would ask (the Undertaker) ‘What do you need and we’ll give it to you and stay out of your way and you book it,’ he said. “I think the Undertaker would turn that business around in six months.”

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