Kevin Owens trolls Val Venis for mocking Sami Zayn following Trump tweet

Kevin Owens trolls former WWE star Val Venis for mocking his friend and colleague Sami Zayn following a Donald Trump related tweet.

The U.S Presidential elections have finally come to a close. Joe Biden, the Democratic representative Joe Biden has usurped Donald Trump to the White House. While this has clearly brought joy to many faces, there are some, who are not too pleased with the result.

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Sami Zayn took to Twitter to express his happiness regarding the result before following it up with a rather clever tweet comparing Trump to a delusional heel wrestler like himself. However, former WWE superstar Val Venis was not too happy with the comparison and made sure Sami learnt what he thought of him.

Kevin Owens trolls Val Venis for mocking Sami Zayn following Trump tweet

Hey @SamiZayn ! Were you born STUPID or is your STUPIDITY a recent development?,” Val Venis asked his fellow Canadian in a response to his tweet.

Zayn’s real life friend Kevin Owens roasted Venis for his comment with a tweet of his own.

“I remember in the early 2000’s when I’d picture the day Generico would get berated on the Internet by a p**-obsessed, p***star-portraying ex-wrestler because of Donald Trump. It’s about time!” he wrote.

Val Venis is famous for portraying the role of an adult film star during his time in the WWE. He gained prominence during the Attitude Era and was rewarded with the Intercontinental Championship twice.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are real life friends who took the same path on their way to the WWE. Both stars made their name in the Indies before finding a home in Ring of Honour. They would soon make their way to NXT where they feuded with each other.

The feud that started all the way in the Indies continued once again in the main roster before the two became allies for sometime between 2017 and 2018. It is unlikely that the two will be paired onscreen again considering their placement on the opposite side of the spectrum. Nothing however, is stopping Owens from having his friends back on Social Media.

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