Jon Moxley Explains Why He's Not On Twitter, Calls AEW World Title The Top Prize In The Sport

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley has stayed away from Twitter since 2013 when he was Dean Ambrose, a member of The Shield in the WWE.

During a recent chat with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Moxley explained why he's not taken to social media like his peers in the wrestling business.

When asked about Cody tweeting a picture of the TNT Championship and declaring it "the most important belt" in all of wrestling, Moxley said he doesn't like to "play Twitter games" and prefers to do all his talking in the squared circle.

"That's why I don't do Twitter," he said. "Whatever, dude. I'll classify that statement by him [Cody] as inaccurate. That's why I don't play Twitter games."

While looking ahead to his match against Eddie Kingston at Saturday's AEW Full Gear pay-per-view, Moxley called his AEW World Title as "a real world championship" and the No. 1 championship in the sport.

"Everything I've done to build up this championship to the number one championship in the sport," he said. "Make it a real world championship. Fighting and defending it by my personal code of conduct with pride and honor. All that is on the line here. It's a high-stakes game."

Moxley also spoke about being "the sheriff" of AEW and carrying the company during the pandemic era.

"The way I look at it is I'm carrying the torch during a weird pandemic era," said Moxley. "Nobody is going to look back on this time decades from now saying, 'Remember when Moxley was champion and it was like weird with no crowds and things were f---ing strange.'

"As the good guy around here, I bring stability to an unstable world. When you tune in to AEW, you know Jon Moxley is the f---ing world champion no matter what challenge is put in front of me. I have to keep my head held high and persevere."

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