Cedric Alexander Talks Being Frustrated Before His Heel Turn

Cedric Alexander of The Hurt Business recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated and said he's focused on winning any title he can in WWE, including the WWE Title. Alexander also said he wants to become a Grand Slam Champion in WWE.

"If there is a title to win, I want it," Alexander said. "Long-term, I want to capture the WWE championship. I want to be a grand slam champion."

Alexander will be teaming with Shelton Benjamin to face RAW Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in a non-title match on tonight's RAW. Cedric said he's known Shelton since the beginning of his career and despite the 14-year gap in age, their friendship is the perfect backdrop for their new run together as a tag team.

"When I started wrestling state-to-state on the East Coast, Shelton was just hitting the indies," Alexander said. "I remember running into him 10 years ago at a show in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and he was wrestling Christopher Daniels that night. I remember he watched my match that night, and he was really impressed. Ever since, we kept tabs on each other.

"I've said numerous times that Shelton should have been a three- or four-time world champ by now. If I could, I'd work singles matches with him all day, every day for the rest of my career. He's an opponent I get excited about wrestling. You just know it's going to be good, and he's always teaching. I'll always learn something new, usually the small things that people overlook, those small nuances that can make you great."

He continued on tonight's match and said he can't wait to mix it up with Kofi.

"This is only the second time I've ever been in the ring with Woods and with Kofi," Alexander said. "I just can't wait to share the ring with Kofi. I've been watching him my whole career thinking, 'I want to be in the ring with that guy.' So hopefully Monday goes as planned, and I'll be kicking the crap out of Kofi on Raw."

Alexander said he was recently frustrated in WWE, but this heel turn allows him to show a different side to his personality, and gives him a new set of opponents.

"I needed a change of pace and the chance to let out a new side that people aren't used to seeing," Alexander said. "One of the things that made me love wrestling in general was my career in amateur wrestling in high school and college. Just being on the mat made me feel a type of aggression I wasn't really able to produce in my regular life. Now, with the Hurt Business, this is my chance to let loose. Before, when I was frustrated, I couldn't let it out. Sometimes being a bad dude just feels a lot better. I knew I needed this, and it feels good."

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